[Always Me x The Ruby Element: Tomboy Femme]

Casual wear. A new terminology to me but I've definitely embraced it. Now, most of the time you'll see me in some version of this outfit on a normal day. I also have been really into exploring downtown...Los Angeles that is. I discovered a little gem called the Art District Flea Market where a collective group of amazing artists come together to bring you their finest pieces of art work whether they're jewelry, paintings, or other precious trinkets. I thought I'd share since we shot a few snaps around this location and a new collaboration is coming up featuring a duo of the artists I met here! (Coming very soon!) I like to do my exploring in something I feel comfortable in so this little combo definitely fits the bill. Tomboy Femme. It's a thing. And I'm into it. Shop this style and full look here at Always Me. Also, don't forget to enter our thanks-giveaway! ;) Details are here



What I'm Wearing:

[Always Me] 

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Shot by Terrence.

Hair + Makeup by Anton.