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[Allergic to Bullshit]

[Allergic to Bullshit]

I couldn't have said it better, Entree Lifestyle

No one likes a liar or a fake. I've run into a few from this lot in my day so this sweater was perfect to parallel how I felt. So if you're feeling like me and you're completely Allergic to Bullshitthis sweater will also be perfect for you! I'm feeling completely unoriginal and uninspired lately, so I thought I'd share a much funner outfit that I'd probably wear on a normal day. Fashion is all about having have fun with it already! I love that this beanie had so many colors because it kind of resembles all the madness I feel in my head these days. Bright colors to liven up my crazy mood. Some eyeball thigh highs and platform sneakers from Tokyo-- just because; and my favorite red lipstick to bring me back to life. There's just something about lipstick that immediately gives me energy-- brings more color into my life. I love it.

Be original and have fun with what you're wearing this weekend. Stay warm, lovelies! TGIF. For reals, though.



What I'm Wearing:

[NARS Heat Wave]

[Beanie + Sweater by Entree Lifestyle]

[Hot & Delicious Romper]

[Tokyo Thigh Highs + Platform Sneakers]

[Culture Riot Backpack]

[Commissary at The Line Hotel]

[Commissary at The Line Hotel]

[Romantic Holiday]

[Romantic Holiday]