LA Fashion Market

So, today was fun! I had the chance to check out some very cool brands at LA Fashion Market. LA seems to still be stuck in summer weather so a lot of these spring styles presented could have easily been pulled off today. That being said, my outfit was decided accordingly. Since I knew I would be walking around a lot in the heat, I wanted to be comfortable yet cool with an element of chic (always). I decided to build my outfit around my boyfriend's old white button down, which is, dare I say, the most comfortable shirt I own (I love oversized clothes). I toned down the formal feeling by rolling up the sleeves and doing the half-tuck. From there, I wanted to keep it feminine by wearing shorts to show off my legs so, of course, the heels were a must. I'm pretty excited about these heels. I've been seeing them everywhere this summer in various colors but when I saw that clear strap across the toe, I just had to have it. When it starts getting colder, I'm going to start pairing them with opaque stockings-- I have it all planned out! Also, this was my second time wearing the Jeffrey Campbell Soiree sandals and I must say they were surprisingly very comfortable. Well done, JC. 

 [belt: Nordstrom, shorts: One Teaspoon]

[shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Soireepolish: American Apparel Neon Purple ]

 [necklaces: korea, LUV AJ]

The jewels shown at the Coeur Showroom in particular were divine. I cannot wait until Spring 2014 to grab them up!

 [Lady Grey, SS 2014]

 [Kristen Elspeth, Available Now]

 [Lady Grey, SS 2014]

x Ruby