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[10 Elements You Need This Summer]

[10 Elements You Need This Summer]

Summer is around the corner and you want to be prepared with the best arsenal of beauty products. So I thought I'd round up some of my favorite beauty products of the moment and share my "10 Elements You Need This Summer".

1. Luscious Locks- Don't let the sun or your newly bleached locks keep you from having luxe, shiny hair. Healthy Sexy Hair's Soy Renewal Argan Oil has been my go-to pre and post hair styling oil. It locks in moisture quickly so you see results immediately so it's a plus for those impatient gals like muah.

2. Buttery Skin- Body buttahhh. Besides the name of course, another reason why Pacifica's Hawaiian Ruby Guava Body Butter rules is its phenomenal smell and long lasting moisturizing capability. If you ever wanted to smell like a tropical vacation, this is the body butter for you. I usually keep this on hand in my car just in case I get dry patches throughout the day or want a fresh reminder of this sweet summer scent. Ahhh.

3. Grease-free Hair: And the rave reviews stand true-- yes! Another everyday staple I've been stashing away in my car for emergency touch-ups is this Batiste dry shampoo. A quick spray at the roots and comb-through with my hands give me the boost and fabulous fresh hair I need throughout the day. From all the dry shampoos I have tried so far, this one is definitely my favorite. It works hard but has a light powdery scent, which is nice when you already have scented lotion and perfume on-- oops.

4. Baby-Soft Skin*- Get ready to be blown away. Forget all other face masks! Seriously, this is all you need to revive your skin back to its baby-soft ways. The massive nutrients and natural ingredients packed in this face mask replenish your skin and give it that dewy glow. Healthy skin is the best way to minimize your makeup application that can clog pores and create further blemishes. Many people ask me what foundation I use, but actually keeping my skin healthy allows the makeup application process to go a lot smoother no matter what foundation I use. Quick tip: Stick this in the fridge and apply it on your face after a hot day and it is like magic. 

5. Sleek Hair- Baby hairs are my worst enemy and when I want something light but effective I go for this bad boy, the Healthy Sexy Hair's Soy Touchable Weightless Hairspray. It doesn't have a greasy finish so your hair looks touchable soft without looking overdone. One spray in the morning and I'm good to go for the rest of the day; so I'm guessing this bottle will last me a really long time. Sweet!

6. Tangerine Lips - If y'all know me, you know that lipsticks are my jam. Sushi Kiss by MAC has been my go-to lippie because it's basic enough to live without a liner and it's the perfect creamsicle color to give any outfit a pop of summer lovin'. 

7. Neon Nails- The thing about summer is: you must live in fluorescents. This is what happiness is all about-- color. If you don't play around much with color in your wardrobe, neon nails are a safe way to ease yourself into summer. I like this neon orange color by American Apparel.

8. Yummy Hair- What I mean is Oh My God this nourishing spray smells like the best thing on Earth. I think if I were to bottle up my favorite scent in the whole world, this would be it. Minus the heavenly scent of this Healthy Sexy Hair - Soya Want It All Leave In Treatment is that it gives your hair 22 benefits. I won't bore you will all the different ways it nourishes your hair but a quick spray of this magic potion and your hair will immediately feel different. I use this right after I pop out of the shower and lock it in with my Healthy Sexy Hair Argan Oil. Hashtag Yummy Hair Don't Care.

9. Sun-Protected Skin- I bought this La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Invisible Nutritive Oil last year when I was in Paris and I still have this much left. A little bit goes a long way with this oil-based sunblock. Not only do I love the efficiency of this sunblock, but I also love that it's an oil-based sunblock so it gives my skin that extra moisture. I have super dry skin so I lather as much moisturizer underneath my makeup to avoid looking like I've been in the Sahara Desert for 10 days. This sunblock gives me the oils my skin lacks to absorb my makeup better-- or at least I feel that way! For dry skin, I say this is a win! Plus, look at that SPF protection. 50+!? Unreal. Bring it on, sun.

10. Berry-Hydrated Skin- Don't dry out this summer, keep hydrated with yogurt and berries! This Multi-Berry Yogurt Repair Pack is a godsend for quick overnight help and it smells like the best collection of the freshest and sweetest berries on Earth. Mmm. This was a sample I snagged while buying a few items at the Korean makeup store and I cannot get enough of it. The consistency is thick like body butter and you apply it all over the face at night like an overnight pack and wake up to berry hydrated and illuminating skin. 

Now, you can officially take on summer! The first day of summer is tomorrow. Do you have your summer survival kit already on hand? I would love to know what's hot in the beauty department for you! Share your current favorites in the comment sections below! 

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*I was unable to find a link to this product online but if you go into a Korean makeup store, you should be able to find it.

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