Summertime vibes. Orange lips, beachy waves, and off-shoulder dresses. Currently en route to San Francisco! It will be my first time since January of this year so I'm pretty excited. I'm considering this my vacation since Santorini and Capri was missed this time around. Next summer, I'm coming for you! 



What I'm Wearing:

[Dress: PYLO]

[Jewelry: Haati Chai, The 2 Bandits]

[Lips: NYX Cosmetics, Orange County]

[Shoes: Korea]

Shot by Leo.

[Las Vegas Trip: Mandarin Oriental | TEALEAVES]

Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to be invited to stay at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Las Vegas to experience the lovely accommodations of this Eastern-inspired hotel along with their infamous tea lounge packed with a menu with luxury teas from TEALEAVES. TEALEAVES recently collaborated with PANTONE on the design of each of its new Whole Leaf Pyramid Teabags, that were each inspired by a particular mood, which were each paired with a color selected by PANTONE. To learn more about these teas and different tea recipes inspired by tea + color + mood, click here

Upon arriving at this beautiful location filled with luxurious velvety reds and real-life blooms hanging from the ceiling, my sister and I thought it most appropriate to start our mini weekend getaway the right way and enjoy our breakfast with a view by the cool poolside. How perfectly dressed our waitresses were in their retro one-piece in white. Not an ounce of imperfection: this location was designed with the utmost class.

After finishing our breakfasts, it was time to rest our heads in our plush beds and wait for our massage appointments. Everything in the room was controlled easily with a digital remote that displayed room settings on the huge flat screen TV. Privacy can be requested with a quick click of a button as well as a complete blackout of the room where the shades automatically close to give you the rest you need. It was impossible not to knock out quickly.

A quick preparation for the spa and our massage appointment, we were ready to indulge ourselves in some pampering. The spa was Forbes rated, so we knew it must be a must-visit. Once arriving, we were greeted by the host and served peppermint tea and water and starting filling out surveys that personalized our massages to pinpoint our problem areas, which could range from specific painful muscles or insomnia and depression.


We were led into the spa area, where you can enjoy a hot steam sauna or a dip in your choice of hot tub and then into a large room with multiple lay-down couches fit with a gorgeous view of the city. We were then offered refreshments as we were waiting for our masseuses.

After an hour and a half of sweet bliss, you are offered some peppermint tea to clear your mind, further your relaxation, and conclude your massage session. My sister and I opted for the detoxifying foot massages to release tension and work on our feet as my sister had been walking around a lot on her honeymoon to Oaxaca.

With a few minutes before happy hour, we enjoyed a 3-tier tower of desserts compliments of Mandarin Oriental. My favorite was the chocolate peanut butter disk. With all those sweets, we needed some cocktails to wash it down. So we headed to the rooftop bar and I ordered a scotch-based cocktail while my sister ordered the Dogfish Head IPA. Shortly after, we swooped on over to the MGM Grand to enjoy our dinner at Hakkassan, a very Eastern-themed weekend. My favorite dish had to be the steamed dimsum—if only I could have that everyday.

[What I'm Wearing: Style Moi Crop Top, Jakimac Harness, Greenpoint Girls Skirt, Public Desire Boots | Bellagio]

[What I'm Wearing: Style Moi Crop Top, Jakimac HarnessGreenpoint Girls Skirt, Public Desire Boots | Bellagio]

I have never watched a Cirque du Soleil show so next on our list was “O” at the Bellagio. I must’ve enjoyed it too much because we were both pretty beat after the show so we decided to skip our original plans to go to the night swim with Kaskade. Next time! This weekend was dedicated to indulgence and relaxation.

Upon waking up leisurely to a beautiful view of the strip, it was time to prep for teatime! We got ready a little earlier than expected, so we had a quick bite at the café couple levels down. We enjoyed our breakfast and headed over to the tea lounge. We were escorted to the middle table in front of the huge glass windows again fully displaying the lovely Vegas strip—not a bad way to start your week.

After reviewing the menu, my sister and I chose our teas. My sister chose the organic lychee green tea and I chose the white blossom tea. We each tried the Sunbeam cocktail that used TEALEAVESchamomile as the base of the drink. A peculiar taste for a cocktail, though it matched harmoniously with the teas and light bites in front of us. Teatime consisted of 3 tiers of hors d’oeuvres that started with savory light bites and escalated to a sweet heaven. My favorite was a small tower made up of a cream puff with a tiny macaron on top. A beautiful setup and experience for a relaxing Monday afternoon. But sadly, it was time to go home.

Click to view how to create the Sunbeam cocktail:

Thank you to Mandarin Oriental Hotels and TEALEAVES for sending me on this heavenly trip. This was the perfect classy mini getaway for two girls who just needed a bit of a break from the hustle and bustle of LA.

See my experience through video form on my latest YouTube video:

[LA Girl]

Happy Tuesday! I hope y'all had a fun and relaxing fourth of July weekend! I for one am staying away from anything toxic for a while. My body needs to detox. I love when creators connect from all over the country. This set was shot when Brian Christopher aka Mr. Seoul Vibes came to town about a month or so ago. Seoul Vibes is an idea of representing the underrepresented and highlighting those in the industry who have a unique perspective and look-- it's a place where you can celebrate art and make it without feeling constricted within societal standards. We are currently working on some cool new projects in the upcoming future. So stay tuned for that! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these photos! More coming your way!



[Daily Outfit]

Happy Friday! If you're like me, you just don't have time to follow the latest trends these days. I looked back on my blog to see how I've evolved over the years with my style choices and I must say it was entertaining to say the least. I've grown from over-accessorizing to outlandish colors and "costumes" I most likely would never wear today.

Though I still see fashion as my creative outlet, my choices have become a lot more practical than anything else. What I've been gravitating towards are items and pieces that fit comfortably, flatter my body-type and make me feel like well, me. This would be one of those type of outfits. This is a typical "Ruby" outfit that has evolved over the years. A little bit more modest but still cute with the mocked neck and zipper details on the shoulders. I appreciate basic pieces like this and of course the cropped cut makes it more modern. That's about all the "trendiness" I need for now. Of course some distressed jogger jean shorts make it all the more casual. Lower heels or sneakers have been my go-to footwear of choice. I used to be into a lot of platform and height but for everyday purposes, it is just too impractical. 

Now that I have blue/silver hair, accessorizing just hasn't become necessary. But silver tones are. That's why I finished this look with my cut-out cat-eye sunglasses from Zero UV and a delicate handchain from Haati Chai in silver. Both subtle but significant pieces to create a unique touch to the look. I like accenting looks with subtle jewelry pieces like this. Simple but significant.

I also feel the best when I'm in something comfy like this. For many years of my life I deterred from wearing anything deemed "comfortable" because in my head, that meant you were being sloppy. But, there's a way of doing it. Whether it's the simple jewelry in unique designs or cropped sweaters with zippers, I think tiny details such as this creates an overall look of sophistication even in the most simple combinations. 

Everything feels better in subtlety-- whether it's your fashion choices or everyday life choices. I don't mean to blend in with the crowd by any means. If you are a peacock, be a peacock but also on the other hand, if you're a shy turtle, then by all means don't be afraid to be that shy turtle. (This topic can be a blog post all on its own so let me leave that statement at that.) But to speak on subtlety, when you speak or do things all without a filter, there is no intelligence behind it. And plus, wouldn't you want to leave some things to the imagination? Don't word vomit, y'all. Some things really are better kept to yourselves! Anyways, what an odd topic to kick off fourth of July weekend! But whatever you do this weekend, stay safe and stay true to your own style. Fashion is just that; it is an expression of yourself. Nobody else. Alright? Love y'all!



What I'm Wearing:

[Sunglasses: Zero UV]

[Handchain: Haati Chai]

[Cropped Sweater: Pylo]

[Shorts: Greenpoint Girls]

[Shoes: Vans]

Shot by Leo.


Whoo wee! LA, are you feeling this? The heat has been climbing up to the hundreds out here in LA but if you're only a few minutes away from the beach, I think we can make amends.

About a month ago, I shot a series at Santa Monica beach with Leo. We've been discussing collaborating for a while so it was great to finally be able to make it happen! You might know Leo as IAmKarenO's boyfriend, but he is also an amazing photographer. His photos always have a mood and grit to them that I love with colors and tones that emulate a dark yet romantic effect. I always appreciate people who are constantly looking to improve or learn more about their field of expertise. That's what I appreciate about Leo-- he's not shy about asking questions or improving his craft. 


It was quite cold and windy this day but now I think I can fully appreciate the beach now that we are in the heart of summer. I've been gravitating towards easy-to-wear yet flattering pieces. This one just happens to have an adorable color and print to it-- looks to match my pink sunnies perfectly. 

I've been loving the casual Brooklyn streetwear look that Green Point Girls takes on with Harajuku flare. I love that you can wear it very easily and casually without accessorizing too much as it is already such a statement on its own. This has been my favorite lazy day outfit this summer.

What I'm Wearing:

[Dress: Green Point Girls]

[Sunglasses: Zero UV]

[Bag: Missguided (old)]

[Watch: Breda]

[Shoes: Vans]

Shot by Leo.

Also, for those of you who haven't seen my Garnier commercial yet, here it is!