[Coldest Winter: NYFW Day 2, Metal Noir, Laurel Dewitt, FTL MODA After Party]

Talk about brrr... said to be the coldest day in the history of New York in 20 years (as low as 2 degrees) and man, it was not a joke. Beating the cold with knee high socks, my rag and bone skinnies over my thick black stockings all draped with my Calvin Rucker floral tutu, of course to maintain some form of femininity. More coverage with my Frye boots and for my bottom layer. The top half was kept toasty with a chiffon blouse topped with my Stella and Jamie fur jacket all bundled up in my go-to coat this trip-- my Tobi faux fur coat, for extra warmth. I wouldn't dare take off a layer outside -- this little blogger bundle attempted to stay indoors as much as possible. 

Hands down, the best handbag to carry when you're at fashion week-- great space and compartments for everything. Best part? I was even able to pile in my DSLR inside this handy dandy handbag. A definite win when you need your hands free for easy access to look up directions and slide out your Metro Card or slip out your credit card from your wallet to pay the taxi. 

First stop, Steph's (of Honey 'n Silk's) Tea Party at her adorable apartment in the West Village. This was probably one of my favorite moments on my trip to New York. An intimate gathering with tea, wine, treats, and friends is never a bad way to escape the cold. I loved seeing my west coasters on the east coast and meeting new friends. But I wasn't able to stay long as the runways were calling me.

[Tea: Art of Tea, Desserts: Minamoto Kitchoan, Wine: Chloe Wine Co., Candes: Voluspa, Table + Decor: Lulu + Georgia, Jewelry: Chloe + Isabel]

[Tea: Art of Tea, Desserts: Minamoto KitchoanWine: Chloe Wine Co., Candes: Voluspa, Table + Decor: Lulu + Georgia, Jewelry: Chloe + Isabel]

[Roxy from RoxyLimon24 and me sippin' on some good tea]

[Roxy from RoxyLimon24 and me sippin' on some good tea]

I then met up with Yuka and Kevin to go to the Metal Noir Presentation at the Chelsea Piers. I love going to presentations because they always have the most intimate feel to them. The designer wanted to focus on his ideal of women and how women should dress-- a look into his perfect world of the woman who cares about how she portrays herself and is not afraid to look for unique pieces. The designer illustrated masculine influences, keeping very feminine elements to empower women to embrace both sides of gender identities.

I love the clean lines, neutral color palette with a pop of burgundy, and the focus to be on the silhouette of a woman's natural curves. Of course that fold-over skirt coming back for yet another season with more layers in this version. Upgrade!


I loved these rose neck and arm pieces that stayed consistent with the theme of the collection. Special thank you to Kevin for these up close and personal shots!

I was then off to a gorgeous church off 9th Avenue called the Church of the Holy Apostles. I appreciate when a brand goes with a theme and follows through with it-- so of course, having the runway at the church was quite a treat. Metallics, mesh, and more regal influences. The whole show felt like a modernized version of a badass early 6th Century all women-army with metal hardware and mesh undergarments. Someone please get me one of everything! 

This is the aftermath after the FTL Moda after party. The cold was so real. I don't know how Yuka managed in just a crop top and high-waisted jeans. You are my hero. This is how real gangsters dress in the wintertime. Haha. 

[Me, Roxie from Hello It's Roxie, Yuka from Pretty In Leather, and Jovanny]

[Me, Roxie from Hello It's Roxie, Yuka from Pretty In Leather, and Jovanny]

Anyways so sorry for the delay on these NYFW posts-- I've been working on a few consulting projects and got sick over the weekend-- probably from my boarding trip (first time back on the slopes in 6 years!) and lack of sleep. Boo. Going to stay in and try to get some rest. Already stocked up on some vitamin C in the fridge. Berries on berries. Morning routine blog post coming soon! Stay tuned y'all. Also, completely missed out on the Oscars last night. I'm so out of the loop. Instead, I got myself a big bowl of phở and binged on some golden Oreos and a Skinny Cow ice cream sandie and called it a night. I hope y'all are staying warm in this crazy weather.



[Snow Falling in NYFW Day 1]

Hi, guys. I'm wrapping up my last day here in New York and I am feeling quite nostalgic already. I had so much fun on this trip to New York thanks to Lookbook.nu! I was able to attend couple shows and experience NYFW the right way. I feel like I learned a lot from this trip -- number 1 thing being to overestimate my time. First show to attend was the Christian Siriano Fall/Winter 2015 Collection. Unfortunately, I did not get there in time (I blame United-- had our flight delayed for 3 hours) but I was able to soak in some beautiful scenery in the Chelsea, Meat Packing District. It was snowing that day so I was able to get some pretty cool photos in the snow. This day was filled with carbs, starting with our leftover Halal Guys' chicken and rice, 'wich craft's grilled cheese in tomato soup, and John's of 12th Street's infamous Tuscan Ragu over Homemade PapperadelleMmm. Tell me why carbs taste so good in the wintertime!

Layering was a must. I wore 3 layers top and bottom to keep warm in the snow. My mentality this whole weekend was to brace the cold as if I were in the mountains. I did not prepare much headgear, unfortunately, because they were all packed away in my boxes. But these earmuffs were such a win. Thanks Byron!

And as for these babies- they were pretty solid in the snow. I may have been clunking around, but I dominated those snow patches. Ain't no snow going through these babies. In short, be careful when you walk in these in the snow/ice but overall, they were very compliant to wear in the snowy weather.

More updates to come! I hope y'all are staying warm! I don't know how you east-coasters do this everyday! I'm ready to soak in the SoCal sun even though I love ya, New York! See you soon, LA!



What I'm Wearing: 

[TOBI coat]

[ASOS cropped jumper (old)]

[NARS Heat Wave]

[Pasty Lady Earrings]

[Ear Muffs (borrowed)]

[Calvin Rucker Trousers]

[Mofé Shoulder Bag]

[T.U.K Creepers]

Shot by Byron.

[Don't Worry, Beyoncé]

Sometimes, you write blog posts and it gets deleted.  This is my late night tragedy tonight. But, ya know what? I'm in a good mood. I have a long weekend in New York-- going to cover some killer shows for Lookbook.nu and hopefully get some good video content for y'all too. Cross your fingers that I'll learn to be less awkward in the next few days. Gotta be 'Yoncé. Channel it.

On a side note, I finally got myself a pair of T.U.K creepers. So happy! I got them on a flash sale 2 for the price of 1. 'Gon take them for a spin in New York. I'll tell ya how it holds up in the snow.

This is probably an outfit I'd wear to the airport-- oversized boyfriend style clothing, minus the shorts (gotta keep warm, ya know), an IDGAF snapback with the world's largest shoulder bag to chuck all my airport snacks and reads. Currently reading 1Q84-- been reading it. I have to somehow finish it soon! I want to start 50 Shades of Grey in a reasonable timeframe after the movie comes out. Have y'all read it? I definitely want to see the movie. The soundtrack for this movie has been all kinds of yes for me so it has gotten me excited for the film. Most particularly, this version of Beyoncé's slowed down version of Crazy in Love by Sofia Karlberg#BABE #GIRLCRUSH #WCW yas.

A lot of rambling in today's post but overall message: Be'Yoncé, vlogs coming soon, updates on some reads and see y'all in New York! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter @therubyelement for live updates at all the shows. Love y'all.




What I'm Wearing:

[Qtee "Coffee" Snapback]

[Always Me Black Yoncé 81 Baseball Jersey Top]

[LUV AJ choker- ON SALE!]

[Calvin Rucker Shorts]

[T.U.K Creepers]

[Mofé Halcyon Shoulder Bag- President's sale this weekend (up to 70% off!)]


Shot by Ryan Kim.

[LUPE x The Ruby Element]

Hi guys. Something cool just happened and there's just no other way to say it than to just say it... your girl just shot a full spread for a magazine. Pretty cool. But it was no ordinary magazine. LUPE is a magazine created by a band of photographers who dedicate their talent and efforts towards inspiring and creating true art and photography. LUPE celebrates the artist and beauty in all things. If a photo is worth a thousand words, LUPE would surely be a never-ending story.

What I love most about what I do, as I mentioned numerous times before is that I meet the most talented people who truly love what they do. People who inspire me the most are people who aren't afraid to go for their dreams, even if it means being completely broke. Los Angeles is such an interesting city. A city that capitalizes on people's love affair with fame and fortune when in reality, everything is powdered and retouched to create a false reality; which then everyone strives to be or have or live. What we hoped to capture in this series is the real life of what it is to live in Los Angeles chasing after your dreams. Buying clothes you can't afford, feeling lost, finding false sense of happiness through material things and supplements, and continuing your internal battle with the life you want with the life you are living. 

The struggle between the dream you want to live and the reality you are living is what most dreamers will torment themselves over for almost all of their lives. Is there anything that holds you back from achieving what you truly love? What can you do to overcome it?

I hope all you dreamers fulfill your dreams no matter what it takes. Be true to yourself, love what you do, and support each other! We are stronger together. Promise. 



For LUPE magazine - under construction.

Like, follow LUPE on Facebook and Instagram to keep yourself up to date on their beautiful photos.

Shot by Sungwook Kim.

[Valentine's Day Lookbook + Date Ideas]

All dressed up and nowhere to go!? To avoid this situation, I have come up with 4 different outfits to fit 4 different date or non-date night scenarios. Date 1: Take your date out to Terroni for a nice romantic Italian dinner topped with a healthy portion of wine. Wine makes everything better. Trust me, a gal loves her wine with dinner-- especially on date night. Don't be the guy who doesn't order enough alcohol! But gals, don't overdo it. Stay classy! You want to remember this night! After a romantic dinner, take your date to LACMA for a late night walk and some one-on-one time. If that's too much light for ya, take her to a rooftop bar like Perch or the Ace Hotel to get a killer view and some good cocktails. I recommend getting the Moscow Mules at the Ace Hotel rooftop bar. Yum.

Date 2: Take your date out on a day date to the Getty Villa. Not only is the scenery gorgeous there, it is a cute, non-threatening way to spend a first or second date here without feeling the pressure of spending too much money. If you're feeling awkward, no worries! Get lost in the romantic artwork, gardens, and maybe even loosen up with some wine at the Mediterranean-inspired café. If you're really trying to impress your date, you can plan a picnic to share while enjoying the gorgeous scenery. 

Casual dates don't have to be so basic. If you're planning on spending the day with your girlfriends, why don't you buy as much ridiculous Valentine's Day candy with your gal pals and hit up a cat café? You can eat your candy and pet your kitty too! California's first cat café, Catfe, recently popped up and not only can you play with the adorable kitties there, you can adopt them too! There are different prices for how you can enjoy your day there so make sure you visit their website to see what type of catfe-ing you'll be doing.

Surprise a girlfriend and send her some flowers! Nothing more exciting than receiving a bouquet of flowers, even from friends. Another casual date idea can be going to your favorite brunch spot to pig out on all your favorite dishes. Go family style so you can get a taste of everything! Baco Mercat is an awesome spot for sharing good food as well as the Pour Haus Wine Bar. If you're looking to spend a more wallet-friendly casual date with friends, try going to Café Dulcé  for some good Japanese pastries and strong coffee. Walk around Little Tokyo and enjoy the Japanese American National Museum. Currently, there's a Hello Kitty Exhibit I've been wanting to visit! You can get your tickets there or in advance online here.

Whatever you decide, make sure you do it in style! ;) I've broke down the outfits down below! And since you beautiful people made it to the end, I thought I'd share a little giveaway opportunity with you!

Take a peek at my most recent photo on Instagram, like it and then post your favorite Valentine's Day look tagging me (@therubyelement) and Tobi (@shoptobi), who has sponsored this Valentine's Day-inspired blog post - thank you!, for a chance to win a Valentine's Day dress of your choice!  Yes, even their newly updated Cupid's Curated Collection -- just in time for Valentine's Day. Use hashtag, #ValentinesWithTobiandRuby so we can easily find your entry! Giveaway will run for 24 hours! Good luck! ;)



What I'm Wearing:

Outfit 1:

[NARS Heat Wave]

[Zero UV sunglasses]

[Tobi Tank You Can Shift Dress]

[Culture Riot Clutch]

[Tobi Fur-Ever Fancy Coat]

[Stuart Weitzman Nudist Sandals]


Outfit 2:

[OAK Nyc Rider Jacket (sold out)]

[Tobi Buckle My Dress]

[Dolce Vita Boots]


Outfit 3:

[Always Me Sweater]

[Free People Lace Dress (old)]

[Calvin Rucker Skirt]

[Zara Heels]


Outfit 4:

[Pasty Lady Oversized Star Earrings]

[Stella and Jamie Jacket]

[Zara Basics Linen Tee]

[East & Lo Side Slit Skirt]

[Missguided Platform Boots]


Photos by Sarah Park.