[California Winter]

A few things about California winters, particularly those in Los Angeles-- jackets are only necessary at night, legs can be bare, and knit wear though fitted for winters can also be skin bearing. I love living here in Los Angeles because we can always get away with fashion choices that definitely would be questionable in other areas. Relaxed tees with leather skirts, mesh rompers, and back bearing knit tops that screams sunny and 70. Why go on vacation when you have the best weather right here? Sometimes I think that I want 4 seasons and I realize my Southern California blood most likely wouldn't be able to bear it. 



[Happy Life | So So Happy Giveaway]

Happy Tuesday! These days I've been naturally waking up at 7:00 AM, which is working to my advantage as I am able to get my morning work out in and be out the door a lot earlier, allowing endless possibilities for what I can accomplish for the day. This is what makes me so so happy -- the fact that I found something that gets me up every morning with as much excitement as blogging as does so I can continue to create content for you all to enjoy! I want to write, photograph, film things you want to know about or see so if you have any suggestions on blog posts or videos you'd like to see, please feel free to chat with me here or on Twitter (@therubyelement)!

Also, on a side note, this onesie has been making my life! My favorite outfit at home is to wear onesies because it's so easy. I'd probably also wear this out if I'm running errands or in between shoots because onesies are so easy to slip on and off. And this matching monster bag with the onesie? I mean... I think it's pretty necessary. By the way, you can win all this cuteness in a So So Happy prize pack by 

1) You must follow @so_sohappy and @therubyelement on Instagram.

2) Tag 2-3 friends and tell us what makes you So So Happy :)

That's it! Easy. Winners will be announced this Thursday, February 4, 2016, at 5 PM (PST). Good luck!



[Festival Inspired | Mixing Elements]

LA has been in her Sunny and 70s mood these days and I'm not complaining. I enjoyed a full day of sunshine enjoying an iced coffee at my go-to coffee spot, Blue Bottle in the Arts District. Oh, the spoils of being in LA. I was also excited because it meant I got to break in my newest romper to my ever-growing onesie collection by Sayer's Piece. It has Coachella written all over it, which is definitely getting me in the festival spirit. The line-up this year, though. I've been getting heavily into EDM these days so to see Jack Ü, Ellie Goulding, M83, Aluna George, Disclosure, Zedd, Zhu, Calvin Harris, Major Lazer, and Flume on the list was just killer for me. Oh, and Epik High? Bananas. I just want to dance all day! There are some discussions of a Korea trip happening as well so, it may have to be a toss up between the two. What do you guys vote?

In any case, back to the outfit. I just wanted to talk about this color combination for a minute. I would normally opt for a denim or a white for this look, but I saw this gorgeous necklace from Gazel SF and had to dust off my thickest winter coat from Stylenanda to complete the earthy tones found in the beading. LA does tend to get quite chilly at night so this thick winter coat was the perfect complement to a more spring-time appropriate outfit. No Ruby Element outfit would be complete without some boots so I went with the earthy, bohemian theme and chucked on my Fiorentini + Baker boots (now 50% off!). My loves. Honestly, these babies are one of my most prized possessions in my closet because it was probably one of my most expensive purchases that I made on my own when I started out in this crazy working world. Bigger purchases like this are so worth it when you know you've worked so hard for it. Italian leather. Can't beat it. So buttery soft. Mmm.

Anyways, I still owe y'all a vlog from my most recent road trip to Big Sur so stay tuned for that! In the meantime, follow me on Snapchat (@therubyelement) today! I am off to shoot in yet another magical location. I hope y'all have also entered my latest giveaway that I collaborated with some of my favorite fashion bloggers and MITH Magazine. Check out the photo of the magazines on my Instagram feed to see how you can win $250 to Anthropologie and a copy of MITH Magazine! I hope y'all are killing it this week! Remember, in the great words of Oprah, "There is no such thing as failure. Failure is just life trying to move us in another direction." You got this! Thanks, as always, for stopping by! I appreciate you! 



Get the Look!

[Ray Ban Sunnies]

[Gazel SF Necklace]

[Sayer's Piece Romper]

[Stylenanda Coat (old, similar here)]

[Fiorentini + Baker boots now 50% off!]

[MofΓ© Purse]

Shot by Scott Reyes.

[The Moto X Pure Edition - Designed By Jonathan Adler]

When I hear Jonathan Adler, I think of home decor, beautiful patterns and deep rich colors. So, when I found out he collaborated with Motorola to design their new limited edition Moto X Pure Edition cell phones, I was immediately intrigued! Upon seeing the 3 beautiful designs, I was not disappointed. The colors were perfect to be complemented by any outfit and the designs were so modern and chic that it would make them the ultimate conversation piece. Having my hair color inspired by Pantone's color of the year (thank you Guy!), I started noticing these colors everywhere. Though the hues aren't quite right on these two colors to quite say they are Pantone's color of the year, Serenity and Rose Quartz, you can see that some hue of pink and blue will be very popular this year. 

Seeing these designs, I felt compelled to style two different looks that is inspired by the unique print and overall design of these new cell phones. When it comes to aesthetics, I believe it encompasses all aspects of art, whether it's fashion, home decor, or in this case, a cell phone design. 

What elements of the cell phone inspired me to create this next look are the clean lines and deep dark blue color. I loved the print of the magenta case so I used that as inspiration for my grid on grid pattern outfit. I used the dark-wash denim color of the other case to tie in the look with the denim jacket. When it comes to print mixing, I believe in sticking with either the same print or sticking to similar shapes. For example, stick to grid patterns if your items have grid on them but the grid pattern doesn't necessarily have to be exactly the same. It can vary in width, height, thickness, etc. I wanted to pair it with this white boxy purse to emulate the sleek cell phone. Did I succeed? 

What I'm Wearing:

[Ribbon: Michael's]

[Top: Living Doll (old)]

[Bottom: JYJZ (old)]

[Denim Jacket: Borrowed]

[Purse: Missguided (old)]

[Socks: Korea]

[Boots: Jeffrey Campbell x Solestruck]

What inspired me for this next look is the creativity behind this unique design created by Jonathan Adler for this Motorola cell phone. I love when a designer creates their own pattern because it makes it uniquely theirs and no one else will own that print. I love seeing these types of influences not only in home decor and fashion, but also now, technology. Because who knew technology can look chic also? What is more is that I can appreciate a cell phone that does not share the same plain old exterior of a typical cell phone. Similarly, my good friend photographer extraordinaire, Johnson Le created these adorable hand drawings inspired by my current favorite lazy outfit by So So Happy. What drew me to Johnson (pun intended ;)) is the fact that he used very moody lighting mixed with unique illustrations. He created something unique to his own brand. I appreciate artists like this. 

Back to the outfit, the pink is derived from the magenta we saw in the previous design but the element of individuality that I believe all of these new Moto X Pure Edition cell phones emulates remains true for all designs. Added bonus is the fact my hair color matches the blue in these designs. 

What I'm Wearing:

[Lipstick: 3CE (not available, similar MAC Candy Yum Yum)]

[Sweater: So So Happy]

Shot by Johnson Le

I hope y'all enjoyed these looks I put together for you. What I love most about these new cell phones is that it mixes influences from all areas of lifestyle and art. We use our cell phones daily to be inspired, to stay focused, to connect with others, and to also set ourselves apart. In a world where cell phones are seen as such an essential element in our lives, why not choose one that is unique and incorporates influences from all aspects of lifestyle and art in its design? Stay different, friends.



Click to see more from Moto X Pure Edition by Jonathan Adler.

[Grommets + Mini Skirts]

When it comes to winter wear, I've been closely tied to keeping my wardrobe simple and sticking to the elements that work for me. Color: neutral, shape: form-fitted bottoms, layered with loose-fitting tops and oversized outerwear. Speaking of shape, this gorgeous grommet tank by Sky Lim (coming soon!) has the perfect one with the side scooping up to show off your mini and curves in the slightest way. Just like the pants in this outfit, this mini skirt print was hand-drawn by the designer herself. This is yet another sneak peek of what's to come for SS 2016 for Sky Lim and to say the least, is giving me life. This outfit, along with one other featured in my latest YouTube video was created courtesy of Sky Lim. Take a look at my latest YouTube video portraying a day in my life as a fashion blogger. This is just an example of what a day might be like for me as my days are always different. Please let me know if you like seeing videos like this! I'm hoping to create more videos for y'all so if you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see from my channel, feel free to leave a comment below or tweet me @therubyelement. I am very open to new ideas! So, don't be shy!

Also, don't get me started on this gorgeous coat by Kristinit. Straight out of a 70's movie dream, I feel so cozy in this thing. The perfect coverage for when you want to wear something light underneath, which is always sort of necessary when you live in a state where one moment it's windy and rainy and the next it's 70 degrees and sunny. I honestly have been wearing it nonstop since I got it. The shape makes anything you wear underneath look immediately chic and in moments of desperation, it's perfect to have a go-to coat that pretty much makes you look more put together than you are. 

Also fits perfectly with my new scarf from scarves.net-- only $10.50! I love that it matches my hair perfectly and rolls up all the way to my face to block out the wind. It's not like a typical scarf in that it fits like a remove-able turtleneck. Pretty cool.

I hope y'all are enjoying your weekends! I had an amazing last 2 days roadtripping to NorCal with Don, Eric, and Ross-- photography/videography dream team! Haha. The photos and videos we got from the trip are pretty sick. I can't wait to share them with y'all. Vlog coming soon, so please be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel



What I'm Wearing:

[Sky Lim SS 2016 Grommet Tank (coming soon!)]

[Sky Lim SS 2016 Print Mini Skirt (coming soon!)]

[Fringe Scarf by Scarves.net]

[KristinIt Coco Coat]

[Circus by Sam Edelman Howell Boots]

Shot by Johnson Le.

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