[Hello Spring!]

It's the first day of spring! Bring on the music festivals, short shorts, flower bouquets and bright spring salads. Spring, behind fall is my favorite season of the year because not only is it during my birthday (haha) but it's also the time when you finally can start baring your legs and wear more feminine, light-weight items. I'm all about simplicity and comfort when it comes to clothes so when I found this gorgeous Delahooke nude sweater, that was it. Ready to fill my life for many more sheer nude things and stacks from my favorite jewelry duo, Haati Chai x Amarilo

Recently, I've been asked a lot about my weight because I lost a bit of weight during the last couple times I have gotten sick. First, no, I don't have a problem. Second, yes, I'm okay. When it comes to body image, I'm a true believer in being the healthiest version of yourself whether you're a size 0 or size 12. Everyone has their own body type that is unique to them so I don't recommend ever doing anything too drastic to change yourself. With that said, I want to say that I am a naturally petite person and do not try to force myself to be at a certain weight level or clothing size because of blank. Upon accepting 2 different jobs on top of my blogging, I found less and less time to eat a normal-sized meal, so I would snack a lot throughout the day so of course my nutrition level wasn't where I wanted it to be, hence my numerous sick days. Since then, I have made a conscious effort to eating 3 meals a day, each with some nutritional value so my body doesn't feel deprived throughout the day. Plus, it gives you that natural energy that people are always talking about! Yup! It feels great. I have become less dependent on coffee and feel more energy immediately upon waking up. It's true what they say. You are what you eat so making a conscious effort to change your eating habits now will be beneficial to your life in the long-run. Let's live long and prosper, guys! Yes, Star Trek reference. I'll have a morning routine as well as a eating diary prepared for y'all so you can be inspired for this new season to eat right.

This season, I'm inspired to explore more healthy restaurants and recipes and wear simple but chic clothes that would work for any occasion because you really never know where your day will take you! If y'all would like me to do a lookbook for these types of looks, hit that heart at the end of this blog post or comment in the comment section. PS 10K giveaway is still on. Announcement coming to a blog near you! ;) Have a great weekend, guys!



What I'm Wearing:


[Haati Chai x Amarilo]

Shot by Dennis Lee.

Special thanks to Showroom Joplin for the space!

[Not Your Basic Basics Intro featuring East and Lo]

When it comes to revamping your spring closet, having basics are key to acing your seasonal transitions. That's why I have prepared a few looks with items you might already find in your closets. This is the first one-- the rest of them will be released in video form in a few days (can you take the anticipation!?) This look features my go-to lazy day outfit with the classic stripes and knit soft pants from East & Lo you just need in your lives. Pants so soft you can't believe it's not sweats, fits to flatter and of course goes with everything. The pockets are a plus too. I see myself wearing something like this on an errands day or if traveling or even on a casual date night. I like to wear pants on dates. So what? Haha. Anyways, I thought I'd share a sneak peek of what's to come since it's been a minute since my last blog post. I also wanted to say thank you to my Instagram family who has gotten me to 10,000 this past weekend. I just can't believe it! As promised, I am working on putting together a giveaway so be excited! It's going to be a big one!

Love y'all!



What I'm Wearing:

[Missguided Fedora]

[Luv AJ choker]

[OAK NYC crop top]

[East & Lo Knit Soft Pants]

[Zara Heels (old, similar here and here)]

Shot by Sarah Park.

[Spring Stripes]

Calvin Rucker's spring collection is here and I couldn't be more excited. Stripes are always a classic look for anytime of the year but I particularly like it in the springtime. I also love that this tank top is just long enough to wear as a dress and just destroyed enough to toughen up your typical spring stripes. 



27th (24 of 27).jpg

What I'm Wearing:

[Calvin Rucker Bomber Jacket]

[Calvin Rucker Stripe Dress]

[Furla Mini Crossbody (sold out, similar here)]

[Shop Dixi Rings]

[Nails by Aaty]

[Jeffrey Campbell Deluxe Sandals (old, similar here or here)]

Shot by RJ.

[Monday Routine]

How to survive Mondays 101: stick to a routine. Step 1, figure out what to wear the day before. You've heard it before and now you'll hear it again. Honestly, this is the easiest way to get on with your Mondays or any day for that matter. By the way, how cute is this "I Hate Mondays" crop top from Always Me? It reminds me of when Paul Rudd's character in Anchorman 2 shows his latest work as a kitty photographer. Haha. 

Step 2, prepare your work bag or school bag the day before. Another simple task but also essential to not losing your mind the first day of the week.

Step 3, figure out breakfast. Keep it simple. I like to stick to smoothies or cereal. The first meal of the day is the most important-- make sure you're getting the nutrition you need without the fuss of having to decide what it is you're going to be eating. Decision fatigue. It's real. Don't fall into its trap. The less decisions you have to make for the day, the better. Make sure your energy is used towards making the ones that count.

Step 4, sleep at least 7-8 hours the night before. A well-rested mind is one that will make good decisions the day after. Plus, who doesn't enjoy recalling a few dreams to keep you inspired for the day?

Step 5, create a to-do list. I do it everyday to not only keep me organized but also to keep me motivated-- crossing off a task throughout the day makes it go by so much faster. Crossing off something on your to-do list has a wild sense of accomplishment. 

I hope these tips were helpful to your Mondays or any days of the week really. On days where I want to feel relaxed, a fedora and oversized knit cardigan always does the trick. I also love combining dusty cardigans with short shorts and crop tops. Comfortable has become synonymous with what's inside my wardrobe these days and I'm digging it. Nothing like getting away with an outfit that can pass as secondary PJs! Happy Monday, y'all.



What I'm Wearing:

[Missguided Fedora]

[Always Me "I Hate Mondays" Crop Top]

[LUV AJ choker]

[Zara Shorts (old)]

[Design History Duster Cardigan]

[Platform Sneakers from Tokyo]

[MofΓ© Esthetic Satchel]

Shot by Ryan Kim.

[Unbreakable + Newness from Showroom Joplin ]

This "slash" generation as coined by Joe Zee, aka being an entrepreneur slash designer slash blogger slash etc. being healthy becomes a very elusive concept. It's hard to manage to finish all your projects, take on your different roles in multiple fields of interest, make sure all your clients are happy, whilst managing not to neglect the people in your life, and of course your pup (if you have one)-- everyday tasks become less prioritized. Your laundry is probably overflowing, your meals probably consist of a bar or juice/smoothie consistency and it's a miracle if you manage to work out. Everyday tasks are necessary to also keep you going. I managed to skip a lot of the health aspects of my life and definitely felt its effects all of last week. Being sick is no fun and not being able to do anything about it while in the moment is the worst feeling. Outside of not being able to do anything, it changes your mood and motivation, which are essential to living a fulfilling and happy life.

So, after last week, I made a vow to make time to have a decent meal 3 times a day, have a workout plan in mind, even if it's just walking around the neighborhood and squats. Keeping your body moving is the first step to getting onto that workout mindset. I'm not the working out type, so I have to figure out a class I can commit to to continue this health streak. I'm going to share with y'all some recipes I'm working on so stay tuned for that! I'm committed to being unbreakable. There are too many things to do, places to travel, and new chapters of my life to experience to be weighed down by something I can control. I make 'em do it! Haha. (ref. my new jam- Omarion- Post to Be)

In fashion news, Dennis and I got together again for a reunion photoshoot at the Showroom Joplin space and I could not be happier about the results. They have tons of new designers in store, including my favorites Amarilo and Haati Chai. Amarilo's newest Artemis collection just launched. Make sure to check it out here. So much gorgeousness happening. Michelle HΓ©bert is among the newest additions in the wardrobe department and I must say dreamy is just one word to describe her pieces. Even her simple white crop tops (as seen below) are designed so elegantly. And an-all white romantic robe dress fitted with a gorgeous beaded collar is all you need in your life to feel like a modern day princess. Romantic European trip? Take me with one of everything from Michelle's collection. Haha. More photos from this photoshoot coming soon! Stay tuned! 




Shot by Dennis Lee.