[Jewel Toned]

Nearing the holidays and you need something to suck in all that extra helping of stuffing and pumpkin pie so I thought I'd review a new shapewear brand called Jewel Toned for y'all. It's a brand that makes shapewear a little more colorful and sexy-- in between the lines of is it or isn't it underwear. Where so many shapewear fail, Jewel Toned makes an effort to give you not-so-grandma underwear that you may even feel compelled to wear as a mini dress out on a night out. Immediately when you slip it on you get a elastic feel that clings to your body, as good shapewear should-- this way you know it's working!  Not to mention it's buttery soft. The material isn't itchy, so you won't feel uncomfortable throughout the day. Also, if you aren't afraid to go mini, you can even layer it up with all your fall goodies. Take a look at how I wore mine in the photos below! And for those who wanted a headstart on their Black Friday shopping, here's 20% off discount code off the entire website: LOOKMANOBRA !




What I'm Wearing:

[Beanie- Korea]

[Sweater- Suburban Riot]

[Mini Dress- Jewel Toned]

[Thigh Highs- XXI]

[Platform Heels- Stylenanda (old, similar here)]

Shot by Nicole.


[Always Me x The Ruby Element: Good Vibes]

Good f*ckin vibes, always. Cancel out the negatives and slide right into something more comfortable. Perfect the slouch factor with an off-shoulder crop and drape-y coccoon knit cardi to wrap yourself in on those lazy fall mornings. This definitely has to be one of my favorite shots with Terrence for Always Me. We hit the sun right as it was setting and the results has to be one of my favorite shots we took together. Makes me want to go to the beach again. 



What I'm Wearing:

[Always Me Clothing]

Use discount code "RUBY1014" for 10% off at checkout! 


Shot by Terrence

Hair + Makeup: Anton


[New In: Ruby's Current Favorites]

The season's are a-changin' and thought it was about time to share some of my favorite things since SoCal was hit with a cool breeze. First, warm wool hats. Fall isn't quite complete with some awesome head gear and man have I been on a black hat binge. Somebody stop me. This one is by H&M.

Second, backpacks as purses. I've always been a fan of the backpack since the 90's. My mom rocked one. I stole hers since and have been wearing the crap out of it hence it was time for a new one. So, when I found out about Culture Riot, I was ecstatic. One stop shop for everything backpack and then some. Click here to view their full collection. This one is the Anastasia Convertible Backpack in Black.

Thirdly, dark, dark eyeliner. Don't get me wrong. I still love a good dark lip for fall but there's something dramatic and mysterious about just focusing all the attention on your eyes. Plus it cancels out the need to wear mascara, which for me, right now, is sort of a must. Currently in need of a new mascara recommendation! I completely ran out! 

I've never done a dramatic cat-eye like this so I was excited to try it with my girl, Suzie. I must say it immediately makes all your outfits look put together. I'm strong believer in beauty and fashion working very closely together to completing an entire look. To complete this dramatic eye look, I went for a 20's vintage-inspired hairstyle, which I must say have been pairing nicely with most outfits of mine. Good hair day everyday with this style. 

Next, midi skirts. It's no surprise that I'm a little in love with midi skirts at the moment. I think it's the chicest way to warm up in the fall months and still maintain a feminine shape. This one is by Shabby Apple, a vintage-inspired store chock-full of skirts and dresses that focus on shapes and looks that identify perfectly with the everyday woman. Simple, elegant pieces to make you feel like a princess. Tulle, polka dots, wrap dresses-- they have it all. Truly timeless pieces that pair with almost anything.

I can attest to this because I have been wearing this skirt quite consistently over the past couple of weeks. First, because I know it pairs amazingly with most basics and the midi length immediately elevates the outfit. Second, because it is so, so comfortable. I cannot emphasize this enough. This skirt may be comfier than most of my sweats right now. It fits perfectly at the waist and the a-line cut gives you the most flattering shape.

I've been loving wearing this with crop tops, basic tees, and blouses. With tees, I've been cinching it at the waist by either tucking it in or tying it in a knot to accentuate the waist. Skirts like this, since they are quite long and wide, to keep a feminine shape, it's always a good idea to bring attention to the waist. You can even finish it off with a belt really bring that hourglass shape to life. To continue the feminine theme, I went for some strappy heels to complete the look. I've also worn this look with some ankle boots to keep it casual top to bottom.

Lastly, on a non-fashion related note, I've really been enjoying eating avocados with a spoon with a touch of salt! I've always been grossed out whenever I saw my friends do this but scrounging around for the last bits of what was left in my refrigerator one morning and I thought why not? And wow. Just wow. If you haven't tried it yet. It's the perfect snack. Already ready to grab a full bag of avocados for my next market trip! Sometimes I think some things just happen for a reason... so happy about this discovery right now. Haha. I hope y'all have an amazing week!



What I'm Wearing:

[H&M wool hat]

[Oak NYC Exposed Shoulder Top]

[Culture Riot Backpack]

[Shabby Apple Skirt]

[Zara Heels (old, similar here)]

Hair + Makeup and Photos by Suzie K.

Special thanks to The Social Trust for the space.

[Arm the Animals Giveaway]

It's been a while, friends. Fall's here and you need some basics to layer under your perfect fall trench or cuddly knit cardigan. So, we're here to help! And by we I mean Arm the Animals, my blogger bestie, Lisa Linh, and me. We decided to combine forces to host this fun giveaway that's super easy to enter. All you have to do is:

1. Follow @therubyelement, @lisaalinh, and @armtheanimals on Instagram

2. Take a photo with your bestie and use hashtag #ATABESTIE 

To learn more about Arm The Animals and all the good that they do, click here for my previous Arm The Animals blog post. Otherwise, take a selfie break. You know you're already taking one now. Do it with a friend. ;)



What I'm Wearing:

[Arm the Animals Tank]

[Levis 501 Shorts via Batoko]

[Always Me Cardigan (Use DC: RUBY1014 for 10% off! :))]

[Jewelry from Amarilo, Crafted by Talia, Vanessa Mooney via Rocks Box]

[Zara Scarf]


Hair + Makeup + Photos by Suzie K.

[Factory Girl]

Hello, you! Thought I'd share a bit of the 60's with y'all this lovely Monday morning as I'm definitely feeling it will play a huge part in my fall wardrobe this year. Skirts just above the knee, colored fur coats, and a baseball cap to really get into the fall spirit. Channeling my inner Edie Segwick with a mohair coat by Kristinit. I love the gorgeous color play of the blues, greens, and purples, to create its plaid pattern. A perfect centerpiece to build your outfit. Choosing some cool tones and the navy found in the coat, I went with this knit top by Pima Doll, this circle skirt by In My Air and my perfect little Madewell quilted baseball cap. Color play in the fall! Don't you love it?