[Ruby's Current Favorites]

Here are a few of my favorites recently: haircuts that inspire outfits, over-accessorizing in dainty gold jewelry, shredding your favorite denim jacket to make you love it even more, and the Italian breakfast at Blu Jam Cafe on Melrose Ave. The "Italian Breakfast" is "arborio rice with fresh mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, baby spinach, fresh basil, fresh tarragon, and parmesan reggiano, topped with two poached eggs and drizzled with herb pistou". Drool. Thank you, Yuka for ordering this. You have changed my life.



The Elements: 

[lipstick | YSL,

dress | c/o Sorella Boutique

jewelry | c/o Amarilo, c/o Gorjana via Rocks Box,

watch | c/o Daniel Wellington,

DIY denim jacket | vintage,

Lucite heels | Jeffrey Campbell Soiree]

Shot by Yukasaur.

[Hot Pink in the City]

"Hot Pink in the City"-- a play on the Nick Gilder song, "Hot Child in the City" since I think this dress evokes the same mantra as the song. With a peak of 108 degrees we experienced yesterday, this post is dedicated to wishing we just had a dose of this beautiful San Francisco weather I experienced this past trip up north and to cooler fall days ahead. This particular jacket was from my JYJZ boutique but had sold out completely, so I have provided similar jackets at the bottom of this blog post so you can transition into fall gracefully. 

Hot summer nights such as these call for sexy little numbers such as this. I rarely play with body-con anything so I must thank Stella and Jamie for finally converting me. And as if this heat still wasn't enough for ya, just take a look at this dress! This form-fitting dress with peek-a-boo criss-cross mesh back detailing is perfect for a date, industry night, or a night out with girlfriends. I would also see it worn during the day at a fashion event or meeting if your profession doesn't mind more daring choices. Pair it with some neutrals like this gray trench and white heels to transition seamlessly into fall. I also love pairing pink with camel. Stay cool in neons and mesh, friends. That's my advice to you. If you liked this outfit or post, click on that heart button at the bottom of this blog post to let me know to post more outfits like these. Oh, and happy Monday! Hope y'all have a great one!



The Elements:

[dress | c/o Stella and Jamie,

trench | c/o JYJZ (sold out, similar here)

heels | c/o Missguided]

Shot by Ryan Chua.

[The Little Black Dress]

Being more of a separates kind of girl, a little black dress is pretty hard  to come by in my closet so to find one that resonated with me was a pretty big deal. I love the ethereal flow-y quality to the dress that pays attention to your movement. The narrower cut at the top of the dress accentuates your shoulders, which I think (as I mentioned in this post) is one of the most underrated parts of the female body. I love that it has the feel of wearing separates as it cuts off at the top like a crop top, but of course, is a dress. The tulip cut of the skirt of the dress gives the most flattering peek of your legs-- very much like the blogger favorite, the Zara skort. This cut always gives the illusion of long legs. I paired it with one of the biggest investments I made this year, my Stuart Weitzman Nudist heels. Nude heels always elongates your legs since it is viewed as an extension of your legs because of the color. What is more with the Nudist heels is that it uses the thinnest of straps that is places ever so elegantly over your toes and ankles to stay true to this "nude heel" concept. I've also been getting quite good use out of this wool hat-- I think it makes the perfect statement overall and I love that simply chucking on a hat completely transforms a look. From lady-like chic to boho-babe. I love that effect hats have-- so I'm currently on the hunt for one more floppy hat (possibly in gray or tan) and a wide-brimmed fedora. I also have been obsessed with the jewels I've obtained through Rocks Box (a sort-of personalized jewelry experience). A more detailed review on my Rocks Box experience to come! In the meantime, I hope y'all have a beautiful weekend and I hope y'all enjoy this post! 



[Neuro: Drink With A Purpose]

A little break from fashion to talk a little about my favorite new drink, Neuro. These days I've definitely been on the hunt for a caffeine alternative that can replace my detrimental addiction to coffee. The caffeine in coffee and I don't mix too well but I stay true to my coffee because I love the taste of it so much. But, knowing my body, I knew I needed to find a replacement for days where I need an extra boost but couldn't afford to feel tight-chested and jittery. Honestly, I've never been a huge fan of energy drinks so I was a little hesitant to try out the new drinks from Neuro but upon finding out that there were no artificial flavors used in any of their drinks and that each bottle used ingredients scientifically engineered to produce positive results, I thought there couldn't be any harm in trying it out. I went for my first taste test with the Bliss. I surprised to find that the taste of the drink was quite pleasant. It didn't taste highly saturated in sugar and it had a hint of carbonation that was quite refreshing. I usually get super anxious on busy days so it's nice to know that there is a drink I can grab quickly and know I can rely on its effects. My stomach usually feels bloated after drinking carbonated drinks but only a few sips is necessary with each drink to get the full experience, so I was able to pace myself throughout the day, which fit perfectly with my lifestyle. 

But my ultimate favorite drink from Neuro is the Sonic drink. Like I mentioned earlier, I was initially looking for an alternative to my coffee and this, I must say, worked beautifully. I've been grabbing for Sonic on days I've been feeling less energetic, mostly on days I have class or staying in too long-- the heat has been making me feel quite sluggish. Just like the Bliss, I felt the effects immediately, which I love. This is also my favorite taste from the bunch so I like to savor it throughout class or with a meal. I also love to finish off a meal with this Neuro drink, just as I would with coffee. I might skip dessert sometimes, but I always like to end with a meal with some sort of caffeine, whether it's coffee or tea, and now, Neuro.  

I tend to get sick easily, which is something I'm trying to work on, so I was happy to find the newest addition to my Neuro collection, the Daily Immunity drink. I never took Emergen-C because the thought of drinking flavored water made me gag. But since Neuro packaged their vitamin-packed drink in a delightful non-threatening carbonated form, I thought it wouldn't be too bad. And it wasn't! A definite winner in the taste department and just like the other two drinks I've tried, it immediately made me more alert without the jitters.

I wasn't able to try the Sleep drink yet because I usually don't like drinking anything other than water before bed but I will definitely have to try it and report back if I ever experience trouble sleeping. I've been drinking Neuro for 2 months now and they have already naturally been becoming a part of my lifestyle. Whenever I need a quick boost of energy, I go for the Sonic. Whenever I feel like I'm needing a more calm element, I reach for the Bliss. 

On a side note, yes, this is a sponsored post but I would not tell y'all that a product was good if it truly wasn't. The taste, effectiveness, and overall experience was positive. Though coffee and tea are definitely much more natural in a sense, I've found more tightness in my chest from either of these options as opposed to drinking Neuro. I've also found the results to be much more immediate than regular coffee or tea. The accessibility is great as well. I like having the option of grabbing this instead of a coffee, especially when I'm in a rush. If you'd like to try Neuro, they are sold at most Wal-marts and Targets. Please feel free to also click on this link to find out more about Neuro and its scientific benefits.



The Elements:


[Arm The Animals]

How do you decide what you wear every day? Would you want to start off your day making a difference? How about feeling good about what you're wearing not just because you have a cool print or cut but because you know what you're wearing might potentially help another living thing? This is the philosophy behind Arm The Animals clothing brand based in Los Angeles. Every design is inspired by animals and a good portion of their profits are donated to reputable shelters and "no kill" rescues to help animals in need. Every year, 4,000,000 - 5,000,000 animals are being euthanized due to simple human ignorance. Animals are not provided the basic care they need and in turn, are suffering for it. You can make a difference by purchasing anything from the Arm The Animals collection, spreading the word by clicking on that "share" button at the bottom of my blog post, or donating to your favorite rescue or charity. (Arm The Animals lists their rescue partners here. To read more about Arm The Animals' mission click here.) Animals need a voice too. Let's help spread the word about providing "no kill" rescues the resources they need to take care of animals who are neglected, abandoned, abused, and otherwise in need of help. Let's "Arm The Animals".



The Elements:

[hat | H&M

sunnies | Ray Ban

top | Arm The Animals "Fear The Deer" T

flannel | Living Doll, 

jeans | Lovers + Friends

boots | Docs]

Shot by Ryan Chua.

[Cotton Candy Dreams]

Summer is over but I refuse to give up crop tops!  I've worn this crop top by Sorella Boutique two different ways to show you how to maximize your summer crop tops transitioning into the fall season. Pastels and whites are always a good idea. A great way to soften up a tough crop top is to go with a cotton candy-like cardigan in the same color family. When wearing something a little more revealing, I like to wear something slouchy or oversized to balance out the outfit. Though this crop top is now sold out, Sorella just filled their site with over 70 new items. To get a taste for Sorella, they are the sexier sister of Nasty Gal. I'm particularly drawn to their custom pieces. They have a separate section that is specifically designed in-house for all y'all you love standing out in a crowd. Slashed jeans, pleather skirts, and overall sexyness. Yum.

The Elements:

[top | c/o Sorella Boutique

shorts | c/o Charlotte Russe (sold out, similar here), 

cardigan | c/o Missguidedshoes | c/o Missguided]

Oh, and yes, I cut my hair! The new Ruby Element. Thought I needed to make a drastic change with my look so off I went! I'm pretty sure my sister had this same exact hairstyle when she was 5 and it's the first time in our lives ever that I have shorter hair than her. But I love it. There's something so liberating about having shorter hair!

Also special thank you to Ryan for being such a rockstar with all my photos! I was able to work with him once again before he jet set off to New York for NYFW. It's always a new experience every time we shoot and here's to finding magical walls wherever we go! Cheers!




The Elements:

[top | c/o Sorella Boutique

bottom | c/o ASOS with DIY cut-outs (sold out, similar here)

shoes | c/o Missguided]

Shot by Ryan Chua.

[Girl in the Striped Pajamas]

Another great collaboration with Teban of Asian Impressions using half expired Kodak Gold 200 film and half digital camera. I wanted to keep the genuine quality of these photos so I kept them all in their unedited, raw format. I love the grittiness of the film photos that juxtaposes perfectly with the greenery around me. I joked that these types of walls are bloggers' favorites. But for good reasons! Who doesn't love gorgeous flowers surrounding you in a photo? Especially when you're wearing your favorite striped pajamas! It's sort of perfect when the most comfortable pair of pants you own become the center piece of a chic outfit. I love pairing it with delicate things like this bralette and sheer blouse. Lucky for y'all, both the blouse and the trousers will be available in my JYJZ boutique very soon. (Huge thank you to everyone who has made my boutique almost completely sold out!) There will be many more sneak peeks launching on the blog as well as an official announcement when the new releases in my boutique go live, so stay tuned! I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! Lots of lounging around in pajamas I hope!



The Elements:

[leather snapback | Stylenanda (similar here), striped top | c/o JYJZ (coming soon!), bralette | Lovers + Friendsstriped trousers | c/o JYJZ (coming soon!), heels | c/o Windsor (sold out, similar here)]

Shot by Teban S.

[Casual Lace]

Lace. The only viable option when it's 100 degrees out and nothing is appetizing besides ice cream or cold fruit. With this blazing heat, nothing better than to slip into something one part lingerie one part perfect summer top. The thinnest of straps with detailed lace reminiscent of the 20's. A perfect way to make it casual is to throw on a denim skirt and drape-y jacket for those of us who need coverage from time to time. I always like carrying a light-weight jacket just in case I rush into a store or classroom that blasts their AC. I can't handle the cold, much less heat. So, layers work best for a temperature-sensitive gal like me. Also love how the netting detail on the back of this jacket matches the lace.

PS, this skirt will be released in my JYJZ boutique sometime next week! So keep a lookout for that. Many new things launching next week! Stay excited!

PPS A little more photos than usual because I loved this set with Teban so much! I hope you enjoy! 



The Elements: 

[bralette | Lovers + Friends, asymmetrical jean skirt | c/o JYJZjacket | c/o Stella and Jamieboots | Zara, jewelry | Amarilo, assorted, Daniel Wellington watch (use "therubyelement" for 15% off), lipstick | MAC Syrup]

Shot by Teban S.

[DSTLD Dinner + Sneak Peek]

I am so excited to announce my collaboration with DSTLD jeans! I had so much fun shooting with the team yesterday in their studio in West Hollywood. I was able to wear a lot of their new denim that will be launched this fall. So many rips. I was in denim heaven. These are some impromptu photos I took at a dinner DSTLD hosted last month with my good friend, Rachael of Everything Hauler. I've also included a sneak peek of what's to come in my latest Instagram post. Click here to see my feature on their blog! I hope you all enjoy!



[MUA: Suzie K, Photographer: Carlos Moscat, Style/Modeled: Me, Jeans: DSTLD]

[MUA: Suzie K, Photographer: Carlos Moscat, Style/Modeled: Me, Jeans: DSTLD]

Shot by Carlos Moscat.

[A-Blaze: Introducing My 5 Closet Staples]

In honor of school and NYFW being just around the corner, I thought I'd share my 5 closet staples that keep my fashion game ablaze. Number 1: the original Ray Ban Wayfayers. The perfect cover-up for a non-makeup day and a great statement piece to spruce up an overall mundane outfit. Plus, this shape is flattering for most face shapes. 

Number 2: sexy red lips. It's so strange how wearing lipstick immediately changes my mood. A bright ruby lip for a bright, happy Ruby. Right now, I'm in love with the shade and texture of NARS Heat Wave, a newbie but a definite goodie and current beauty staple of the moment.

Number 3: oversized blazers. This particular blazer is a blazer dress by Monica Rose for Lovers + Friends. I was lucky enough to get it for a fraction of the price at their warehouse sale this summer! I believe I got this number for only $20! If you ever have a chance to go to warehouse sales, I would highly recommend going! You'll always find the best deals! What I love the most about oversized blazers is that not only can you wear it as a dress, but also as a boyfriend style cover-up. I love oversized everything so to find this blazer dress that is perfectly fitted at the shoulders and waist but long enough to get away with wearing it as a coat was incredible. The perfect transitional piece from summer to fall.

Number 4: my Daniel Wellington watch. No accessories? No problem. All you need is this watch to completely chic-ify your outfit. I normally wasn't a watch wearer until a few years ago but now you wouldn't catch me without one. I think watches give the perfect sophisticated touch to any outfit. For 15% off your Daniel Wellington watch, use discount code, "therubyelement" at checkout. This discount will be available until September 15th! Enjoy!

Last but not least: white strappy sandals. Take a break from black! The white will create a much more lady-like and in my opinion, chic appearance. I am an avid-platform wearer so to transition into these thin strappy heels was not the most pleasant. However, on special occasions, it is the perfect sandal that goes with pretty much everything. As you can see, I've been wearing them quite consistently in these last couple of posts and I don't plan on stopping!

[film photography by Asian Impressions, unedited]

[film photography by Asian Impressions, unedited]

I hope you enjoyed my 5 closet staples to help prepare you for school, work, NYFW, or any occasion you take on this fall! I know it's still summer but I am too excited about fall. Let's talk about it.

xx Ruby


The Elements:

[sunnies | Ray Banlipstick | NARS Heat Wavechoker | Ebay, bra | c/o Trianglwatch | c/o Daniel Wellington (USE DISCOUNT CODE: "therubyelement" for 15% off your purchase), blazer | Monica Rose for Lovers + Friendsheels | c/o Missguided]

Shot by Teban S.

[Chambray in the Bay]

Sadly, I was unable to attend Beauty Con as I discussed in my previous blog post. I got a cold, which had me bedridden for most of the weekend. But I was happily able to go out briefly for some ice cream and tea to remedy my sore throat, which is the last of my cold I am battling. Thank God!  

In any case, I wanted to share my latest installment with Ryan Chua, which we shot while I was visiting San Francisco two weekends ago. It's been a minute since we last collaborated but it was just like riding a bicycling again. It was exactly how we left it last; but this time, we were meeting in his 'hood. Hello, San Francisco! We met in Japantown, which pleasantly surprised me. After shoveling in my second noodle meal of the day, Ryan and I found the perfect blue and white house for my outfit. Blue has been a closet favorite for years and to find various shades of it to complement my chambray crop top was too good to be true. 

I was so happy to find this brand ONE by Viva Aviva on Shop Bop-- my first top I bought for my trip to Palm Springs and from then on I was obsessed. Gorgeously tailored, versatile, and ultra-feminine chic. It's that perfectly simple top that adds just the right amount of chic to your outfit. In one word: effortless. This is their latest addition to their fall collection and I was lucky enough to grab one of their first shipments. (Thank you, Aviva!) I'm so excited to see what's next in their fall collection! In the meantime, I will be wearing it with all my summer things.

Now, for these gorgeous wide-legged pants by Stella and Jamie. You have already heard my praise for these ethereal beauties in my Palm Springs blog post but I must reiterate how stunning they looked in the San Francisco wind. I wish we were able to capture it on video! I think every gal should invest in a pair of wide-legged trousers and thin strappy sandals. It's the perfect illusion for long legs.

Please let me know if you liked this outfit or would like to see more outfits like this by clicking that heart at the bottom of this blog post! Thanks for stopping by!

xx [rp]

[crop top | ONE by Viva Aviva Magnolia Crop Topbottoms | Stella and Jamie Nero Side Slit Pantsheels | Missguided]

Shot by Ryan Chua.

[Boxy Whites]

Breathe. It's Friday! Finally. I'm looking forward to finally attending Beauty Con for the first time-- for those of you going, see you there! My week has been void of event hopping and socializing for the most part due to school life completely taking over. I'm slowly trying to get back into the swing of becoming a student again. I don't know how I did it all those years! It's definitely been a struggle but with lots of caffeine and sanity breaks with friends and family, I should pull through.

Due to the chaos that is my life, I have dedicated most of my outfits in matching sets, rompers, or easy tank and skirt combos. Simplicity has been my best friend in getting myself dressed, especially in this SoCal heat. 

It's no secret that I've been in love with boxy silhouettes all summer so I was glad to create my own little matching boxy two-piece with some of the items I found in Missguided's "Hot White Now" trend section. The mesh panels in both the top and shorts made them the perfect pair. Plus, I can always appreciate simple silhouettes with an alternate element, like the mesh, to keep it modern. A bold red lip to tie it all together and bring some color into this look. 

About the Photographer

Last week, I had the absolute pleasure of finally meeting Teban S of Asian Impressions Photography, a photographer whom I've been interacting with on Instagram and grown quite fond of due to his positive interactions with his followers and beautiful captures of women from all around the world. His dedication to finding unique sides of his models' beauties has always been my favorite part of his photography. I was also drawn to the beautiful stories behind each photo he took. 

I chose the Arts District because it's by far my favorite place to shoot-- there's so much culture in this part of the city and I've always been in love with Downtown LA. Of course, we had to stop by Little Tokyo-- though it doesn't compare to the actual city of Tokyo. (Check out my travel diary to Tokyo here.) It's a great local alternative to access all the Japanese goodness that I crave. My favorite sushi restaurants are Oomasa and Sushi GenCafe Dulce has the best pastries-- donut lovers, this is the place for you and you can't forget the cute little trinkets you can find in almost any of the stores inside the Japanese village.

Current Favorites

Oh, and I've been really getting into Sam Smith-- he speaks to my soul. My favorites are Money On My Mind, Lay Me Down, and La La La. I've included his Spotify at the bottom of this blog post for y'all to enjoy! Have a great weekend, everyone!

x [rp]

[head-to-toe | c/o Missguided]

Shot by Teban S.

[Trending: The Chloe Skort]

What's chambray and white with polka dots all over? Trick question. You already know. Nothing easier than pairing a polka dot top with a polka dot skort. The Chloe Skort by Stella and Jamie could not be any more stunning. The underlay of the lace peeking underneath a timeless pleated structure-- flattering for all figures. My favorite part? It's a skort. Looks like a skirt but wears like shorts. My favorite thing. A great feminine piece to mishmash with casual elements like a chambray button up or a simple crop top. What's better is that you can go from casual day to date or industry night in a wink. Shuck off your casual top and trade it in for a flowy blouse, lace top, or blazer to easily make your night shift. Classic day-to-night switcher upper. Oh, Chloe. 

xx [rp] 

I love this phone charm courtesy of London Sole, part of this year's goodie bag for Two Point LA's annual summer picnic. Special thanks to baby girl, Emily who gave this one to me. I've started quite the collection with these little cuties. I'll always have a soft spot for all things adorable and Japanese. Ai shi teru, Toki Doki!

Read Stella and Jamie's story about this #ItItem here.

[sunnies | YSL, top | JYJZskort | Stella and Jamiejewelry | Maison de Morgana + assorted, shoes | Minx Pump by Nasty Gal]

[Au Revoir]

There's something so elegant about a pink trench topped over delicate white elements. I've been particularly drawn to simple colors with classic silhouettes these days. I've also been obsessively on the hunt for my next wide-brimmed hat. It's such a shame my favorite things are so expensive! But good things come with a price, which comes to my next big announcement.

I will be going back to school this fall. I am planning a brand new career in a field completely different from fashion and marketing. This is a career I am wholly and utterly excited to venture into, in hopes of directly helping those in need. Ever since I could remember, I was on the constant hunt for happiness; and I was no stranger to questioning life and its purpose. I knew there was a deeper level to understanding why we as human beings always need bigger and better things, constant challenges, and validations for the things that we do. It's simple yet undoubtedly complicated. We long to be a part of a community; whether big or small, we desire to be accepted by others. In a world now dominated by social media, it's hard to actually enjoy what could be the perfect life to you. Pinterest, Tumblr, and now Instagram has filled our minds with these perfect lives that, in reality for most, are almost impossible to attain. The loss of not being able to attain these ideals can affect one's happiness and overall mental health. I want people to understand their own journey in life, each unique and just as important as those seen in the media. This is why I am making it my life's mission from here on out, in my journey to becoming a health psychologist, to understand and promote ways to improve your health and well being without succumbing to the pressures of society and social media. Be you. Find happiness in the things that you love. Don't let what others say or don't say affect your journey in life. Though this is one small example in a wide array of diseases and personal conflicts one can go through, I wanted to illustrate my thought process to this huge conclusion in my life.

With that said, I want to say au revoir to this chapter in my life-- I'm ready for the next one. I will definitely try to keep everyone updated on my fashion and lifestyle diaries through this channel as often as I can but graduate school will take number 1 priority in my life for the next couple of years. Thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far in this journey! I love you all!

x [rp]

[the elements: hat | Saks Fifth Avenue, blouse | c/o 71 Stanton, bra | c/o Third Loveshorts | c/o Charlotte Russetrench | c/o JYJZ (sold out, similar here or here), heels | Jeffrey Campbell (sold out, similar here or here)]

Shot by David Hajoo Choi.

[Leather + Lace]

A dark lip isn't always reserved for fall, in my humble opinion. I love a good dark lip with a feminine piece like this lace dress from my JYJZ boutique. What better than to finish up the look with more darkness with a leather jacket and black sexy strappy heels? An easy updo for summer is this twisted braid that I created using only bobby pins. Some kind of necessary when it's as hot as it is these days. The leather might not be practical but you can't strip me away from leather no matter what season.

On a personal note, I don't know if it's the hotter weather or the fact that my To-Do list constantly seems to be never ending but my nights have been fraught with insomnia and thus creating a mess the following day. I'm determined to break this cycle, first by visiting the closest office supply store and buying tons of filing folders and boxes to organize my paperwork. Then I will slowly work my way into my closet. I am almost too afraid to even venture there-- it is an abyss right now but it must be done. A clean space equals a clean mind. I'm also in a transition in my own personal style-- I'm trying to minimize my closet as much as possible. I'm currently in a phase of "less is more". Less makeup (though not reflective in this post with that bold lip-- it is true in everyday life), less jewelry, less graphics. I'm more interested in silhouettes and simple, effortless looks. Call me boring but it's a bit liberating not being weighed down by trying to figure out what I should accessorize my look with and what kind of makeup I should wear that day. I'm also truly embracing "true casual wear"-- whatever that means. I'll be sure to do a separate post on this so y'all can put a look to this idea. Until then... happy Sunday! I'm off to organize my life!

x [rp]

[lipstick | 3CE Vampleather jacket | Trouve, dress | JYJZheels | Zara]

[Stripes on Stripes]

You can never go wrong with classic stripes! I particular love that the top uses both vertical and horizontal stripes to give the top more dimension. More lines on this skirt pattern to go with the striped theme. Add some red lips to go along with the classic feel of this look and some cut-out booties for a modern twist. Luckily for you, you can grab both items for 30% off for a limited time in my JYJZ boutique. That means $29.40 for the top and $35.70 for the skirt. Also be sure to check out JYJZ.com every Wednesday when new items are released! Happy weekend, loves!

x [rp]

[top + skirt | JYJZheels | Zara]

[The Peplum Top]

Here's an easy way to dress up your favorite pair of skinny jeans. These ones are from DSTLD that I received from a fitting event a month ago and I must say they have been my go-to skinnies on days where I wake up not knowing what to wear. These jeans never over-stretch, always feel buttery soft and stay true to their motto and give me the perfect fit.

I'm not one for wearing skinny jeans during the summertime, but these are definitely an exception. Especially when you have events or dates scheduled later at night, this is the easiest way to go from a day to night look. Add this peplum top and it immediately gives you an effortlessly chic look. I love that the top has a boxy silhouette on top, giving it a more casual element whereas the peplum gives it a dressy element. This gives the shirt more versatility. Add some denim shorts and it's more playful or add a pencil skirt, and it's more demure. Versatility wins the race. That's why I choose these two items for my go-to chic outfit for any occasion. Closet staples and perfect paired together.

x [rp]

[the elements: peplum top | c/o JYJZ, skinnies | c/o DSTLDboots | Zara]

[Weekend Wear]

Big hats plus ruffled dresses equals perfect weekend wear. Nothing like big ruffles and cut-out shoulders to make you feel like a girl again. I think the shoulders are the most under-rated part of the female body. Showing just a peek of the shoulders give just the right amount of sexy. A no fuss, one step dressing routine is always a win in my book. It's the easiest way to dress up for brunch or a day date. This dress will be available tomorrow in my JYJZ boutique, which will finally be launching tomorrow! I am so excited! Stay tuned!


Also, how gorgeous is this hat? I snuck it out of my mom's massive hat collection. She is a hat person. I am a shoe person. It works out perfectly whenever we both need a quick wardrobe refresher. Fun fact: me, my sister, and my mom all have the same shoe size. It was definitely the worst  growing up but it's my favorite thing now. I always check my mom's closet first before looking to commit to any huge purchases. She always has the best things. It's my favorite place to shop by far.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekends! I'm quite excited for this one in particular! Follow me on Instagram @therubyelement to get a glimpse of what I'll be up to.

x [rp]

[the elements: hat | mom's, dress | JYJZcuff | Low Luv, Heels | Miss Guided]

Shot by David Hajoo Choi.

[Slumber Party]

This is actually the exact outfit I wore on my road trip to Palm Springs minus the leather jacket and boots. Messy bun, bralette, and punjammies*. I wanted to show how lounge wear can easily be converted into everyday wear on days you don't have much time to get ready. A leather jacket and boots is an easy way to immediately look put together. Add a body chain to add a feminine element to an overall boyfriend look. This one by  Maison De Morgana is so delicate it doesn't weigh down like other body chains I've tried. It's also an immediate win in the chic department.

What are punjammies you ask? Punjammies give hope to women who are suffering the sex slavery, which is growing to over 3 million women who suffer in India's sex trade. 100% of proceeds are reinvested into the International Princess Project, the organization behind punjammies so they can continue to support this place of healing and restoration for women who suffered from sex slavery. Read more about The International Princess Project here.


[leather jacket  | Trouve, bralette | Pima Doll, body chain | Maison De Morgana, Punjammies | Int'l Princess Projectboots | Zara]

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[The Tribal Necklace]

3 looks, 1 necklace. I rarely reach for the same necklace twice in a row so the fact that I have been wearing this tribal necklace nonstop ever since I received it in the mail, courtesy of Windsor, is a huge deal. I like to keep jewelry to a minimum during the summer. Excess rings, arm candy, and layers of necklaces just doesn't seem to make sense at the moment. So, the perfect medium to dress up an overall simple outfit is to throw on a statement piece like this one and your outfit immediately looks put together. Windsor is not your average prom store. Forget the tulle and satin you know of your high school past. Not only do they have stunning jewelry pieces but they also pack a mean collection of chic day wear. Check out my peplum top, also courtesy of Windsor, at the bottom of this post! Windsor is definitely on top of it.


[dress | Charlotte Russe (N/A, similar here, here, and here), tribal necklace | Windsorheels | Franco Sarto (N/A, similar here and here)]

Here's some positive encouragement for y'all this hump day: "Keep Up. Don't Give Up". If you don't know about Le Motto by She She Bon Bon. Read more about their brand in my blog post here.


[tribal necklace Windsortank Le Mottoskirt JYJZheels | Zara (old, similar here and here)]

I believe this is my first peplum anything. I wasn't quick to try out this trend but I must say I'm a huge fan now. The most flattering cut for any body. Really! The rumors are true. It creates an illusion of a tiny waist while giving you wiggle room to hide that food baby if ever there were such an occasion. The perfect date or brunch look so you can pile on that extra order of fries and eat your cake too.

These skinny jeans by Lovers + Friends have been rocking my world. Their whole denim collection has been quite the discovery for me. It gives me the perfect fit on my body, as if I had already worn them for years. Extra distressed. Just the way I like it.

[sunnies | Ray Banpeplum top Windsortribal necklace |  Windsordistressed skinnies | Lovers + Friendsheels | Nasty Gal (old, similar here), purse | Rebecca Minkoff]