[Always Me x The Ruby Element: Tomboy Femme]

Casual wear. A new terminology to me but I've definitely embraced it. Now, most of the time you'll see me in some version of this outfit on a normal day. I also have been really into exploring downtown...Los Angeles that is. I discovered a little gem called the Art District Flea Market where a collective group of amazing artists come together to bring you their finest pieces of art work whether they're jewelry, paintings, or other precious trinkets. I thought I'd share since we shot a few snaps around this location and a new collaboration is coming up featuring a duo of the artists I met here! (Coming very soon!) I like to do my exploring in something I feel comfortable in so this little combo definitely fits the bill. Tomboy Femme. It's a thing. And I'm into it. Shop this style and full look here at Always Me. Also, don't forget to enter our thanks-giveaway! ;) Details are here



What I'm Wearing:

[Always Me] 

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Shot by Terrence.

Hair + Makeup by Anton.

[Velveteen Vampy]

Drop it, drop it low, girl. A low, low necklace and cuffed shoulders in a yummy velvety berry color to make a girl feel just right. Tobi inspiring all this holiday goodness in me with this velvet romper. Rompers are a gal's answer to the holidays. Roomy in all the right areas to sneak your extra helpings of pie with a silky feel to keep your crush close. I had to go full on vamp and throw on this gorgeous silk kimono by Kerol D. What's vampy without some berry bitten lips and some dark eyeliner? Finished off with a classic 20's nod with this hair style I need to learn how to replicate thanks to ze babe Suzie K. Holiday ready? Oh, yeah.



What I'm Wearing:

[Tobi Velvet Romper]

[Kerol D Kimono]

[Zara Belt (old, similar here)]

[Amarilo Rings]

[Frye Boots]

Hair + Makeup + Photos by Suzie K.

Special thanks to The Social Trust for giving us the space!

[School Girl + Always Me Giveaway]

Happy Thanksgiving week, y'all! I must say I'm pretty excited to get my Thanksgiving cookin' on this year! My sister and I put together a pretty mean menu. But food aside, Thanksgiving is all about giving and being thankful. So, I thought of teaming up with Always Me to give y'all my first ever Thanks-giveaway to say thanks to all y'all! You can win this gray pullover seen in this blog post here or a knit cardigan seen here. (Rules to enter this giveaway are at the bottom of this post!)

Also, I was able to shoot with Teban again before the end of the year! Woot! We got together at the Santa Monica Library, my old stomping grounds and favorite place to relax. It's a beautiful library with two floors of every book imaginable and a gorgeous patio in the middle of the building where you can either eat your lunch or enjoy the outdoors a bit. It's also quite close to 3rd Street Promenade so if you ever need a shopping break while you're working or studying, you have that option as well.

Also, got a haircut. I think this is the shortest my hair has ever been in my life and I'm kind of liking it. The short hair makes me feel like I can get away with anything as far as styling options because I don't have to worry as much about styling my hair. In Korea, a lot of high school students are forced to actually cut their hair this length so that they all look uniform and they don't think about "styling" themselves on a daily basis so they can focus their energies on their studies. I think in a way that was what I was doing-- I've been a little distracted with some extraneous things in my life that the cut was sort of symbolic in a way as well as necessary as my hair was getting to an awkward length. I feel oddly at ease now. Ready for the week! Ready to prioritize! 


What I'm Wearing:

[Kaii leather jacket + blouse (Use "RUBYxKAII30 for 30%off)]

[Always Me Boucle Pullover Dolman Sweater (Use "RUBY1014" for 10% off)]

[Tobi Hey There Sexy Skirt]

[Culture Riot backpack]

[Mom's boots]


Shot by Teban S.

It's thanks-giveaway time! ;) Win a chance for either one of these knits pictured above by 

1. Following @alwaysmeclothing and @therubyelement on Instagram

2. Commenting on the image above on Always Me's Instagram account telling us which one you'd rather snuggle up in this Thanksgiving. Left or right? Easy!

Winners will be announced after the holiday! Good luck! ;)




[Jewel Toned]

Nearing the holidays and you need something to suck in all that extra helping of stuffing and pumpkin pie so I thought I'd review a new shapewear brand called Jewel Toned for y'all. It's a brand that makes shapewear a little more colorful and sexy-- in between the lines of is it or isn't it underwear. Where so many shapewear fail, Jewel Toned makes an effort to give you not-so-grandma underwear that you may even feel compelled to wear as a mini dress out on a night out. Immediately when you slip it on you get a elastic feel that clings to your body, as good shapewear should-- this way you know it's working!  Not to mention it's buttery soft. The material isn't itchy, so you won't feel uncomfortable throughout the day. Also, if you aren't afraid to go mini, you can even layer it up with all your fall goodies. Take a look at how I wore mine in the photos below! And for those who wanted a headstart on their Black Friday shopping, here's 20% off discount code off the entire website: LOOKMANOBRA !




What I'm Wearing:

[Beanie- Korea]

[Sweater- Suburban Riot]

[Mini Dress- Jewel Toned]

[Thigh Highs- XXI]

[Platform Heels- Stylenanda (old, similar here)]

Shot by Nicole.


[Always Me x The Ruby Element: Good Vibes]

Good f*ckin vibes, always. Cancel out the negatives and slide right into something more comfortable. Perfect the slouch factor with an off-shoulder crop and drape-y coccoon knit cardi to wrap yourself in on those lazy fall mornings. This definitely has to be one of my favorite shots with Terrence for Always Me. We hit the sun right as it was setting and the results has to be one of my favorite shots we took together. Makes me want to go to the beach again. 



What I'm Wearing:

[Always Me Clothing]

Use discount code "RUBY1014" for 10% off at checkout! 


Shot by Terrence

Hair + Makeup: Anton