[Purple Phase]

Current favorites: clothes that match shades of my hair. My new hair color has now become an element of my outfit formulations so I've been noticing a lot of my clothing choices have been made strictly on this fact. The purple grey and blue floral print on this gorgeous LATS pencil skirt color coordinating perfectly with my new hair-- tying it all together with some classic black pieces, always with a twist. PS how gorgeous is this park? It makes me want to fall in love. Spring is definitely in the air. 



[Festival Style + $100 Missguided Giveaway]

Coachella and Stage Coach are just the start of festival season. Bring on more fringe and cut-offs! Today, I bring you two looks that you probably would see me wear on a typical festival outing. Prepping you with some fringe and ruffles for optimal dancing and prancing while gearing up your head to still have fun while in the sun. Of course, cat ears are always a must for me if you're going to take me to any festival. Festival style can also translate to everyday wear, which I highly encourage if you're planning on enjoying the spring sun. All these outfits will prepare you for the upcoming spring season, whether you're enjoying outdoor music venues or not. Special thanks to Missguided for sponsoring this post! Scroll down to the bottom of this blog post to see how you can win $100 to Missguided in a special giveaway to kick off the festival season!

Woot! You made it to the end of the post! That means you get in on this little secret of mine and Missguided's. Win a $100 gift card by simply following @therubyelement and @MissguidedUS on Twitter. Competition starts today and ends the 3rd of May, 11:59 PM. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, the 5th of May (Cinco de Mayo! ;))! Use the Rafflecopter giveaway option below! 



Shot by KP

[Birthday Girl + Sugarfina Giveaway]

It's my birthday today, guys and I want to celebrate with y'all by giving away a full bento box with delicious candies from Sugarfina! I indulged in a full tray of candies last week at a tasting for upcoming flavors at this gourmet candy boutique and I must say the difference in taste in comparison to regular candy is stark. You can really taste the quality in these candies as Sugarfina takes pride in scouting and selecting their perfect candies from all around the world.  

The boutique itself has a beautiful set up-- an Instagram-worthy photo at every turn. For anyone looking to gain interior inspiration, I would definitely recommend taking a trip to Sugarfina in Beverly Hills. The co-owner used to work for Mattel in design and you can tell right away where her influences come from when looking at the packaging, everything fits in a plastic glass cube fit with the perfect amount of candy. Each cube can fit inside their customizable bento boxes that are perfect for birthdays, graduations, or any special occasion with a loved one.

There are a variety of unique candies including a s'mores chocolate candy that you can actually heat upon the microwave and the outside candy shell remains intact while the inside of the candy oozes with all the marshmallow and chocolatey goodness that is s'mores. They also have blood orange gummies that I'd still like to try, a variety of licorice candies, and a unique chocolate candy that has an actual shot of Scotch inside (coming soon). However, my favorite candies have to be the champagne gummy bears, the peach bellinis, the triple chocolate malt balls, and the sugar lips. 

So now it's your turn to choose 3 of your favorite candies and let us know in my latest Instagram post for a chance to win a bento box full of your favorite candies. Simply follow these rules:

1. Follow both of our accounts (@sugarfina, @therubyelement) on Instagram

2. Tell us in the comments section below your top 3 favorite candies or candies you'd like to try and tag 2-3 friends

Good luck!

Sneaking away with half the store. Hehe! 



Shot by Dennis Lee

[OOTD: Fringe + Flares]

When your closet staples are slowly coming together, building outfits become much easier. Here are a few of my favorites these days. Of course y'all know I can't leave the house without my Kerol D Achilles Hat. But my latest discovery and obsession have been fringe and flares so this outfit exemplifies my current outfit mood. These are actually my first pair of flares since the 4th grade and I must say, I'm a huge fan. Flattering for all body types and gives you the freedom to wear whatever shoes you'd like, of course to elongate the legs even more, I would go for some heels. The fit of these jeans are like butter-- glides on and off so easily and you don't get that red mark from having overly fitted denim throughout the day. All in all, a winning piece. I already wore it twice in the span of 2 days so I think that's saying a lot. Also obsessed with this new Australian brand I discovered recently, Incyda. I've been a fan of Australian labels ever since One Teaspoon, Cameo The Label, and Keepsake The Label, so it was quite a treat it was to find that this brand comes from the same distributor. Perfect. More from this label coming soon! And 2 more days until my birthday! Then off to Korea! Oh, man. I'm pretty excited for this week, guys. I hope y'all are having a great week as well!



[Queen of the Festival]

Last weekend was a blast for me, so much so that I forgot to take care of myself and got sick-- yet again. Yes, it's been an ongoing trend for me lately and I'm determined to break it! I've already cut myself off all sweets and treats until I get to a healthier state. But that is for a later topic-- onto the fun stuff!

 This was my second Coachella trip and most fun because not only were we not camping (oh you brave souls) but also because I got to spend it with some pretty rad people. If y'all have never been to a festival, I would highly recommend going to one because like I said the first time I went, it changes your life! Festivals are such a great experience to take on with your friends because you get to not only wear cute outfits and go a bit crazier than you normally would on your makeup, but you also create memories and experiences that you normally wouldn't be able to if you were at a normal concert or outing. It's a committed 3-day experience with amazing artwork (some that I wasn't so on board with to be honest haha), music, food, and culture. It's a collective group of people who just come to one place to enjoy great music together-- no judgments. A free place to be all of you-- how awesome is that?

Unfortunately, I don't won't have any full updates for y'all as far as outfits, but you can take a peek at the tags I provided so far in the outfit posts on my Instagram (@therubyelement)! I've also been updating my snapchat (@therubyelement) like crazy during the festival-- so if you followed along with me-- haha, sorry and thank you! I hope you had as much of a blast as I did. 

But let's get to these shoes! I wanted to talk to y'all about footwear during the festival. My personal go-tos when I wasn't rockin' my Docs were these babies. Easy to slip on, enough platform to keep my tootsies comfy and searing metallic because nothing better to pair during the warmer months than some metal. And let's keep it heavy, people. 

A few other essentials I would recommend packing if you're going to a festival or any warm-weather destination, is some color-protectant spray for you colored-hair folk, sunscreen and chapstick (of course), a bandana (or shemagh) if you're planning to go out in the desert, a portable phone charger, easy-to-carry water bottle that isn't plastic or heavy, and shades. Luckily, this time around, we had the absolute perfect weather of a consistent 80 degree weather until Sunday where it hit 90-something degrees so a hat wasn't too necessary. So, yes to the flower crowns and crowns of all kinds. I believe I wore some type of crown everyday during Coachella this year.

Also don't forget to enter my giveaway for this adorable Sky Lim leather coin purse, perfect for when you're on-the-go to a festival or any occasion. Details are in my last photo here. Winner will be announced at the end of the day today! Good luck!



What I'm Wearing:

[VSA Crown]

[VSA Necklace]

[In My Air Apple Printed Sports Bra]

[In My Air Apple Printed Body Con Skirt]

[Call it Spring Ficuzza Sandals]

Shot by Luis + KP