[De Anastacia Photography]

Girl power! I love when I meet badass females in the business that are just killing it! Many of you guys have seen some sneak peeks of my work with Natasha (aka De Anastacia or @deanastacia on Instagram) but I wanted to share a full blog post on all the images because the results are simply amazing. I've never worked with anyone who also sent over photos so quickly. I got my very first sneak peek within hours of shooting. What?!

When I first laid eyes on Natasha's work I just could not tear myself away. Dreamy, romantic feels that belong in your dream journal or reblogged somewhere on Tumblr-- this girl knows how to capture that young, wild, and free spirit directly into a photo. But even without words, I believe these photos definitely tell a story on its own. I'm so in love with these photos. Thanks again to Natasha for being the amazing photographer that she is! I hope y'all enjoy! Stay dreamy, loves!



[Springtime with Bare Anthology]

When it comes to spring, I want to live in dresses, rompers, and anything flowy. Thanks to Bare Anthology, I was able to feed my every spring need. I love springtime because it's every excuse to be a girl. Wearing dresses and beautiful crowns, light dewy makeup with just a little bit too much blush. Outside of the layers I love about winter and fall, spring gives us the opportunity to show off our femininity. Showing off a bit of skin after a long winter, really brings fashion to life! Tans can do that too. This vampire will be getting some well-needed vitamin D while she's out in the desert this weekend. In the meantime, let's spring into some of my favorite spring outfits! 

Thanks to Johnson for driving Hieu and me to Salvation Mountain! It was so beautiful there! I would definitely recommend a road trip out there if you're looking to take some beautiful photos. My Coachella giveaway is going to be announced soon so keep a lookout on my Instagram (@therubyelement)! I hope y'all have an amazing Monday! I'll be here just trying to contain my excitement for the amazingness that is about to incur in a few days... hint hint: Coachella, y'all. Thanks for stopping by!



What I'm Wearing:

[Bare Anthology]

Shot by Johnson Le.

[OOTD: Spring Showers]

When spring gives a gift of cool weather, you take full advantage of it. I was excited to wake up to some light spring showers this morning as I was able to break in my new Oz Shino platforms I got last year from Solestruck. They were the perfect pairing to my new Tobi collared dress that would also look great on its own. I knew I wanted to add this to my dress collection because this look is so classic. I love that it's much more narrow at the top and flared at the bottom-- my favorite type of silhouette. It has a very feminine look so I thought I'd edge it up with my favorite leather jacket. Oh, and did I mention all first time customers who shop at Tobi receive 50% off their first order!? You're welcome! 

This type of weather is making me so nostalgic about the Bay! I have to take a trip out there soon. I hope y'all had an amazing start to your week!



[Spring Break Essentials]

For those of you still in school, it's about that time to finalize those spring break plans, or maybe you're already enjoying your long-awaited break. I was never the type to go on any crazy Vegas trips or out-of-the-country vacations during my college years. Every spring break, I would look forward to coming home and relaxing, taking my mind off the stressful days spent studying and working. So, in light of it being spring break season, I thought I'd bring you my current spring essentials and a few leisure items that would be on my spring break essentials list to take a break from it all and relax.

First, outfit-wise, I like to have what I like to call a uniform. Back-track a few years, past Ruby would probably only be going out a few times for the occasional boba trip with friends or a quick visit to those college friends who were on a different spring break schedule as me. If I didn't take a photo in it already of course, I would wear the same outfit to make things easier if it came down to getting myself to go out. Basics are always golden in this type of situation. Love me some Levis 501 cutoffs-- I have 3. You need these high-waisted beauties to pair with all your tees, tanks, and crop tops. It is definitely a Ruby Element staple. 

Next, white is always a good way to go if you're in a pickle as to what to wear. It looks fresh for the warmer weather and it always looks put together. It's definitely my favorite color to wear during the springtime. I added this crown by VSA Designs because I thought it needed that extra oomph. Plus, it completely makes it springtime slash festival season appropriate -- amirite? 

To finish it all off, I wore the comfiest of comfy shoes, my Sakroots espadrilles that I literally, no joke, have been wearing nonstop since I've gotten them in the mail. As a girl who loves to slip in and out of her shoes when I'm out the door, these are perfect. Plus, the jute rope sole immediately makes it spring-time friendly. They are my most comfortable spring-time shoe at the moment. They glide on and feel amazing on-- I may very well have to live in these. 

Now, let's take a peek inside my spring break fun-filled toteI've packed my all-time favorite sunnies from La Piz. If you watch me on snapchat, you know they are on my face on the daily. They are light-weight and give any outfit that extra pow!

Speaking of 'pow!', I thought I'd include a 'pow'-worthy bikini of the moment. Because what is spring break without the perfect bikini to show off at the beach? It's a blue floral checkered two piece from Mink Pink. What I love about it is not just the vibrant color, but also that it fits very perfectly for smaller-chested girls like me. The narrower top fits perfectly on my smaller frame and because the top is longer, it gives a lot more coverage than the average bikini, which I like.

I also have been loving my Sugar Bear Hair vitamins so I always make sure to have them handy so I don't forget to take care of my hair. What I love about these delicious vitamins is not only are they helping to nourish and strengthen my hair, but also taste unbelievable. I definitely look forward to taking them everyday. Oh, and they're also vegetarian and animal cruelty free! Many more reasons to love these tasty little bears.

Next, my Caeden bluetooth headphones of course so I can listen to my jams cord-free on the beach or at a dog park-- wherever I choose to relax. I've updated my current favorites and chill dance music on SoundCloud-- take a peek if you're interested in hearing what I'd be rocking to all spring break long. Dance with me! ;)

I've also included my Tatcha Japanese beauty papers to blot that excess oil as the temperatures are rising because it's never cute to have an oily face. I love these particular ones because they are powder and fragrance free so I'm only taking away the unwanted oil and not layering excess gunk I don't want on my face. I prefer this over mineral powders to touch up during the day because I don't like to use my puffs or brushes mid-day after oil starts building up on my face. I like to minimize my face-to-puff action after the first application at the start of my day. This can help avoid build up of bacteria, which is the cause for acne.

I always like to pack a body lotion of some kind because I have very dry skin and I always like to feel moisturized throughout the day. My favorite body lotion right now is the Jergen's Wet Skin Moisturizer. It works even better on wet skin so it's perfect for those who are in a rush when you're getting out of the shower or if you just like that cool feeling on those warmer days.

I always pack a hand sanitizer wherever I go, especially on outings because you just never know if the place you'll be going will have a bathroom. They're cheap and small so they're easy to take around in your bag and you will definitely get a ton of use out of it throughout the day. Having it handy, just makes me feel better about the day. No one wants bacteria-infested hands. Let's stay germ-free, y'all. 

Finally, my Kindle fire! I love reading to unwind. It's very relaxing and truly opens up your mind to wander-- my favorite. I love to day dream so it's the perfect time to meditate and soak in every word. This is my perfect spring break activity. Currently, I'm reading "Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar" by Cheryl Strayed, one of many books my sister gifted me one Christmas. I'm only at the beginning but it's a collection of articles from a popular advice column collected from a well-known literary site. It's opening up my fairly secure world into a darker world that makes me feel quite grateful about the life I have right now. She also gives great love and relationship advice, which I'm all about. Give me all the love, please. Thank you.

All these wonderful items fit in my wonderfully large clear tote by Sakroots. Honestly, I love the size and durability of this bag. I've been using it as my travel bag. I like to pack heavily every time I head out to LA as the trip may bring about many unplanned adventures. Extra outfits, makeup bag, snacks, you name it, I chuck everything in this bag and it holds. I had to also get it because of the adorable aquatic nod, as I originally imagined to use this as a beach tote, which it would still be well-suited for. What's great about Sakroots is that they make it easy for you to find appropriate charities that inspired their designs and they match the donations you make. What a perfect way to gain inspiration for their collection as well as give back to the community. This tote, for example, was designed to help support the Whale and Dolphin Conservation. You can learn more about the Sakroots movement here.

I hope this helps you get prepared for your spring break, or maybe just helps you get inspired on new things to try in your daily life. In any case, happy spring! Wishing you all a very cool and relaxing break! 

This post is sponsored by Sakroots but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. 


Spring is here! I thought I'd share this outfit before it gets warmer as it has some elements from the winter-- though you can change it up my ditching the coat and OTK boots and opting for white platform sandals. What I love about this outfit is that it's effortless but it adds that bit of edge with the harness. I also love that it's a much more boxy silhouette, which doesn't try too hard but can still be feminine with the sheerness of the garment as well as adding feminine touches like white sandals. 

Also, I've been putting together a play list for my sister's wedding. If y'all have any recommendations, drop it in the comments section! I know it's been a while-- more consistent content coming your way. Promise.