[You In Those Little High Waisted Shorts]

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know that I've been obsessed with these Levis 501 cut-offs and have been putting them to good use, even during the fall/winter season. It's a definite Element closet staple and since they are vintage they have this great worn in feel about them that keep you grabbing for them every time. I got mine at Batoko here. I love the ease of wearing shorts with stockings underneath for the colder months or even with tall boots for even more coverage. I shot this in Santa Monica with the master behind the camera, Teban, when the weather was a tad bit warmer. But I also love that you can get away with wearing itty bitty shorts in SoCal winters. I love shooting with Teban because some kind of magic happens. I think I mentioned in a previous post, but I love that whenever he shoots someone, he takes the time to actually get to know the person. I think this is what makes a stark difference between photographers who really knows what they're doing and those who don't. His passion behind finding individual beauty is notable. I also love that he uses film camera. I'm going to have to invest in one myself. The first half of these used expired Kodak film from a vintage 1973 film camera. Hashtag no filter, which is the best kind of filter in my opinion. It's very real and committed-- you can't delete it or retake it. It's there and in the moment, which is how all memories should be made. So, it's most definitely at the top of my Christmas wish list. ;) What's on yours? I want to know! Share with me in the comments section below!



What I'm Wearing:

[Zara Sweater (old)]

[Levis 501 c/o Batoko]

[Vintage Boots]

[Backpack c/o Culture Riot]

Shot by Teban S.

Also, I was randomly going through YouTube and found this old music video I did with my friend, Jason. I thought I'd share since the outfit is similar to the one I posted today. Also sharing because I really got that deep-in-thought look down. Haha. Maybe good enough for a tutorial? ;P Enjoy!

[Oatmeal + Lattes]

2 weekends ago, I had the pleasure of attending Kipling's #KiplingHoliday event at The Grove. Location-wise? On point. There was no doubt that Christmas was in the air with all the lights and decorations The Grove prepares every year. They included a super cute photobooth (of course) that took 6 photos at once, giving you a .gif effect when your images are uploaded. They had a booth where you can receive monogrammed makeup bags. Unfortunately, I had a dinner to attend shortly after the event so I couldn't wait in the line but at least I was still able to receive my Audra baby backpack in the mail as seen in Kipling's Holiday Catalog here.  

What I love most about this bag is the dual functionality of the tote-like handles at the top of the bag as well as the backpack straps in the back. This backpack is meant for carrying things for when you have a baby, but knowing how much stuff I lug around all time, I knew this would be the ideal bag to travel with. It has 4 different compartments. Two large compartments where I put my laptop, charger, camera, change of clothes, makeup, and possibly some shoes if I'm planning on going to an event or shoot later that day. One small horizontal zipper compartment to stuff things you might want to separate from your normal lot of cell phone, wallet, and keys. I like to put things I like to keep clean in that compartment so it doesn't get contaminated by all the dirt and grime from the things you normally leave on restaurant tables or bathroom sinks, etc. The front compartment is your standard organized purse-like pocket where you can slip your lipstick and mascara and other nick nacs you want to easily access when you're on-the-go.

This backpack also has compartments, most likely to store your baby bottles but I like to stow away my water bottle or latte if I have a few things in my hands. Simply put, this bag will handle all your carrying needs. I'm obsessed with it. Not only is it functional, but I love the square design of it with the trade-mark gorilla hanging from the zipper. I also love that I was able to monogram it. Personalized things are simply the best.

So, I'd definitely take a peek at the rest of the holiday catalog here to see other options you can indulge in yourself or for your friend or family member. You cannot go wrong with something like this because I guarantee they will find use for a multi-functional bag. I'm all about comfort and function when it comes to style and if it comes in an adorable package with a gorilla key chain, I'm game too. ;) Enjoy 30% off with Kipling's exclusive offer to my readers by using discount code: HOLIDAYS30. 'Tis the season!



What I'm Wearing:

[Ray Ban Sunglasses]

[Madewell Oatmeal Sweater (sold out, similar here and here)]

[c/o Kipling Audra Baby Backpack from Kipling Holiday Catalog]

[Free People Vegan Leather Shorts (old, similar here and here)]

[Nordstrom Fishnet Stockings

[Stylenanda Platform Heels (old, similar here and here)]

Thanks to Kipling for sponsoring this post!

[Petit Sesame]

Hi y'all. It's Tuesday, one of the roughest days of the week so I thought I'd treat y'all to something delicious. How does two delectable rings from Petit Sesame sound to you? If not for you, these will be the perfect little Christmas present for that special someone. Yes, I'm talking to you, boyfriends! Pay attention. Every girl needs staple gold rings. These are perfect stacked or by itself. I've worn them to death since I've gotten them and in every which way possible. What I love about rings is that no matter how many you have, you'll always find a reason to wear them and the combinations you can create are endless. So what do you think? How will you style these gorgeous rings? I've chosen the arrow ring and the gold-plated signature ring to join my finger candy gang and now both can be yours by following 2 simple rules.

1. Follow @petitsesame and me (@therubyelement) on Instagram

2. Tell me what your favorite gold ring is from PetitSesame.com on my most recent Instagram photo featuring these rings.

Winner will be announced within 72 hours! PS even the packaging for these rings are super cute! Good luck!



[index: Black Market, middle: c/o Petit Sesame, ring: c/o Amarilo]

[index: Black Market, middle: c/o Petit Sesame, ring: c/o Amarilo]

[middle: c/o Amarilo, midi: c/o PAB Jewellery, index: c/o Petit Sesame Gold-Plated Signature Ring]


[Commissary at The Line Hotel]

K-Town has been up and coming in the night scene, but I bet ya didn't know that they have some pretty cute brunch spots too! The Line Hotel has opened Commissary on their second floor and has really taken on the greenhouse theme and ran with it. The entire restaurant is in a greenhouse and there are lush plants everywhere. The perfect picnic-like set up. To go along with this theme, they have mismatched cups and napkins to get a real home-y feel.  

Their whole menu is based on plants as a foundation. You choose a plant or protein and the menu follows along with it. Of course you have your server to help guide you through this process. I ordered the burger (80% wagyu beef, 20% pork mmm) and Nicole ordered the Club Sandwich of course with an order of fries to share. Fries= drugs. I was also intrigued by the grilled lettuce-- I must try that next time I visit.

I wore this gorgeous top by Liberty Sage with a black collared neck, a-line cut and leather floral trimming on the sides. This blush tone was screaming for something edgy so I went with this zippered leather skirt by Kahlo, an Australian brand known for their minimalistic designs. Then to continue the tough act on the feminine blush of this Liberty Sage top, I went with my trusty Zara heels.

How gorgeous are these plants? Green things make me happy. Green represents growth, harmony, freshness, and Christmas! Haha. Okay, that last one I made up but who's excited for the holidays? A holiday gift guide coming soon! Also, huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Liberty Sage giveaway last week. In the spirit of the holidays, I have many more giveaways lined up so stay tuned! :) I hope everyone is enjoying their lazy Sundays!




What I'm Wearing:

[Liberty Sage Top]

[Kahlo Newton Skirt]

[Zara Heels (old, similar here)]

Shot by Nicole.

[Allergic to Bullshit]

I couldn't have said it better, Entree Lifestyle

No one likes a liar or a fake. I've run into a few from this lot in my day so this sweater was perfect to parallel how I felt. So if you're feeling like me and you're completely Allergic to Bullshitthis sweater will also be perfect for you! I'm feeling completely unoriginal and uninspired lately, so I thought I'd share a much funner outfit that I'd probably wear on a normal day. Fashion is all about having fun...so have fun with it already! I love that this beanie had so many colors because it kind of resembles all the madness I feel in my head these days. Bright colors to liven up my crazy mood. Some eyeball thigh highs and platform sneakers from Tokyo-- just because; and my favorite red lipstick to bring me back to life. There's just something about lipstick that immediately gives me energy-- brings more color into my life. I love it.

Be original and have fun with what you're wearing this weekend. Stay warm, lovelies! TGIF. For reals, though.



What I'm Wearing:

[NARS Heat Wave]

[Beanie + Sweater by Entree Lifestyle]

[Hot & Delicious Romper]

[Tokyo Thigh Highs + Platform Sneakers]

[Culture Riot Backpack]